Post 1500

We have hit a milestone here at The World’s Common Tater. This is post 1500! Unlike TV shows, this milestone post will not be bigger and better than the rest of the posts. There are no big guest stars or events. Just me thinking about my blogging life.

I started the blog way back in 2008. I had been active on LiveJournal before that. I had created a blog for a work training. I was working alone n the jail and looking for ways to connect to the outside world. I created the blog with the original idea of blogging about the library world. I then realized two things – I didn’t care enough about the library world to write about it and my employer would probably not like me posting thoughts that might be attributes to them. Thus began my blogging about random things.

For years the blog existed, but I rarely posted. I was very sporadic with posts and the only people who read the blog were friends who saw it on Facebook and people who followed me on FriendFeed. I had one brief shining moment during this time when a Twitter celebrity retweeted my post on Michael Vick and I had over 200 views in one day. Otherwise, I wrote here and there and no one paid me any attention. I was so obscure that when I told my wife was was considering upgrading the blog to premium her response was “You have a blog?”

I made the decision around 2017 or so to try to blog more. I still got most of my views from Facebook friends. I started following more blogs on WordPress. I figured out how to use tags more effectively. I gained a few more followers. I was happy to get 400 views a month. Eventually, I started posting on a more daily basis. I was more active in the blogging community. Things slowly shifted from mostly Facebook views to more views from WordPress Reader. My views and followers numbers are insignificant compared to most blogs, but I feel good about where I a based on where I started.

The blog has gone from something I do when I feel like it to a daily part of my life.

The views, likes, and comments are nice and helps motivate me to keep going. Yes, I would love to figure out a way to make money doing this. I would like to be a successful blogger who has no need to find another job. But that is nit why I write. I write every day because it is good for my mental health, I write every day because I enjoy it. I write every day because I’m back to a point in my life where I am disconnected from the world.

Thanks for being a part of my blogging journey.

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21 thoughts on “Post 1500

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I realized it was coming so I could plan for it. I’m always surprised by how many posts I’ve written and how long this thing has existed. My wife still doesn’t read my blog.


      1. LOLOLOL! I used to ask my husband to proofread my blogs, but now I use Grammarly, so I don’t think he reads them either. I’m having a hard time getting back into writing them. I have one ready to go! Instead, I’ve been revising and querying my fourth book while trying to finish my seventh. I can’t do it all!!!

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      1. oh wow, I think I quit mine…I went on the trajectory of, Myspace, livejournal, Facebook, my own website, YouTube, Twitter, then strictly multiple incarnations of my blog. Dude, Id love to have as many followers as have about 600 more than me

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