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Saturday Rerun – Music

Two thugs in my life that have always helped me when I am down are TV and music. I’ve written a lot about music. Lists of favorites, what comes up when I shuffle the music on my phone, songs that get stuck in my head, fake band names, back stories for the fake bands, etc.…

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Old Movie Mode

We have reached the point of the quarantine where we have turned from random TV shows to old movies or our after-work entertainment. We are figuring out which older movies our daughter has not watched and finding them on streaming. We had already watched some of the classics with her: Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink,…

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Not in the mood to write. My post about my favorite book for each letter of the alphabet was in my memories today, so I thought I would share the links to some of my posts about favorites for new followers. Here they are. My Favorite Book for Each Letter of the Alphabet My Favorite…

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