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It Has Really Sucked

That’s not me in the picture. But honestly, for the better part of the last 4 months or so, it could have been. Every night around 9 pm, I sit at this exact — Read on The above article is from Kentucky Sports Radio. The radio show revolves around University of Kentucky sports. When…

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The above is from the Washington Post Tik Tok. I feel it is the perfect representation of what my day today will be. I’m off today for the holiday on Saturday. All that means is that I will close my laptop and watch TV all day. Very exciting, huh? It was going to be even…

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My Off-Kilter Schedule

One thing that has been thrown out of whack over the past few months has been my sleep schedule. Really, my life schedule in general. It is going to take a bit for me to readjust as we move more toward normal. I’m not sure I will even attempt to adjust until my daughter goes…

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A Focus on the Positive

It’s Monday. The news is full of bad. I’m back to work and not thrilled about it. Here are some positive I will try to remember as I go about my week. I only have to work three days this week. My dentist appointment was rescheduled again so my Wednesday off will be a full…

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Self Doubt

I wrote this one a year ago today. This is an ongoing issue. I’ve been looking at job openings again and I opt not to apply for a lot of them because I don’t feel qualified. I’ve also reached a point where I want less, not more when it comes to career. I want to…

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A Slow Journey to Me

This post idea has been in my head for the last couple of days. I still don’t think I have it quite right or what the point is, but I think most of my readers would agree that most of my posts are pointless. This is a rambling piece about how I slowly went from…

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