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Taking a Step

Readers of this space will know that I have struggled recently with coping with life in general. I’ve always had periods where I struggled with anxiety and worry. I’ve had down moods, but I always just coped with it, powered through and moved on. The last few years, I’ve found it harder and harder to…

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Running or Walking Away

As a bonus post today a share of two posts that reflect how I’m feeling right now. It is a particularly bad mental health day for me today and I still have 45 minutes before I clock into work. This has been a long week and it’s only Wednesday. Dreams of Running Away In…

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Ready to Rip Van Winkle

I recently watched 28 Days Later. At the beginning of the movie the main character wakes from a coma to discover he missed the zombie apocalypse. After that, on Twitter, I saw a conversation where someone mentioned they would like to be like Rip Van Winkle and sleep until all of this is over. I…

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There’s New TV Tonight!

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I generally post every day of the new TV season about what’s on TV that night. There will be no official start to the season thus year, so I will post if there are significant premieres. There are some tonight. NBC has…

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So Far This Week

It’s been a week. Here are the highlights I aggravated a knee injury walking down the stairs at home. I was in serious pain for two days. It still hurts if I do too much. The lens fell out of my glasses while I was driving. Toxic places and people were at a high level…

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