Throwing Out the First Pitch

Every morning I look at Timehop and my Facebook memories. They reminded me that past me has done a lot on this date. One year I was in Zambia and walking a cheetah. One year I was in Sedona with my family. This story is about how it came about that ten years ago I … More Throwing Out the First Pitch

Post 1500

We have hit a milestone here at The World’s Common Tater. This is post 1500! Unlike TV shows, this milestone post will not be bigger and better than the rest of the posts. There are no big guest stars or events. Just me thinking about my blogging life. I started the blog way back in … More Post 1500

Post 1001

After I published my last post(My Christmas Vacation) I received a notification from WordPress that I had reached 1000 posts on this blog. At one point not too long ago I realized I was close and thought that I should come up with something special for the 1000th post. I then completely forgot and had … More Post 1001


Today is the first day of May. May means the beginning of the countdown to a lot of big happenings for us. Today is Professional Development Day at work. The branches are closed and we are all gathering in one place. This is not a big day for me this year as I will not … More Countdown