I’ve Got Nothing

I’m still having trouble writing even a simple, boring post(like the majority of posts here). I’m sure I have things to say about life, politics, the Oscars, etc I just can’t seem to get motivated to type them up in a post. I could just write about my life, but that is really boring. Here is a synopsis of my typical day:

6:30am – 8:30am Wake daughter up, make her lunch, read the newspaper, drink coffee, get ready for work.

8:30-9am – drive to work

9-5 – work, except Wednesday when I work 1-9

5-5:30 drive home

5:30-7:30 – watch TV, possibly cook dinner if anyone else is going to be home to eat it.

7:30-10 – Watch TV, possible alone.

10-6:30 – sleep, or at least try.

Not much inspiration for writing there. I should probably work on having a more interesting life.

As far as writing goes, I need to use the voice recorder on my phone or Siri to take notes while I am driving and thoughts that would make a good post pop in my head. I have a lot of mediocre blog posts that go in and out of my head when I am not able to write them down.



Some Short Wednesday Thoughts

I recently hit 200 followers on this blog. I would like to say welcome to the new followers and also I’m sorry for the inevitable disappointment you will feel when you read my posts regularly. There are some people I follow who start a blog and 6 months later they have a gazillion followers. I would like to meet all of these bloggers in person so I can punch them in the face.

I drove down to a local shopping center today to get lunch and buy a gallon of milk. Every single 4 way/all way/ 3 way stop was a practice in frustration as people sat and waited because no one knows how it works and so nobody drove. This includes the people who are coming in to the shopping center and are not supposed to stop. It’s really not that hard. Why don’t people know how to do this? I’m not sure what confuses people more a 4 way stop or a traffic circle. It is really annoying.

My library is about to announce who they have hired as our new CEO. I went to a meet and greet with the candidates where I talked to each of them in a group setting for 10 minutes. So, of course, I think I know exactly who they should hire. Why would I trust the people who have interviewed them all twice and have seen their resumes. My gut feeling is obviously better than actual work, right? I am trying to remind myself not to really think this way when they announce the CEO. I’m sure they will make the right choice regardless of who I liked best in a very causal, brief meeting(but I’m sure I’m right).

We upgraded our TV service recently and now I can record u to six shows at a time and twice as much can be saved as before. I know this seems excessive, but for someone like me who gets more excited about the network upfronts than they do the Oscars this is big. I can finally sample all of the random new shows that air without juggling my recording schedule. Maybe I will try writing a few reviews even though I suck at writing reviews.

That’s all for today. Happy Wednesday!

I Have No Words


I’ve written and trashed two different posts this morning for various reasons. I’m having trouble concentrating on reading a book and I’m having trouble writing a coherent post. I guess it’s time to watch more TV.  Writing might come back some day. In the interim, please enjoy this picture of me walking a Cheetah.




How to Fail at Blogging(Like Me!)

There are plenty of posts out there about being a successful blogger. This one will show you how to fail. Enjoy!

Start a Blog and then Ignore it For Years – I signed up for WordPress a long, long time ago. I posted a few times a year and never really thought about it. I started posting regularly a couple of years ago.

Once You Start Posting, Be Inconsistent – When I say I post regularly, what I really mean is that I post more often. There is noting regular about my posts. If you want to be sure no one will read your blog post at odd times, on different days and with no regularity at all. No one will ever know when to look for one of your posts.

Don’t Find a Niche – Be stubborn like me and post about random stuff with no consistency. One day it is politics, the next television. No one will know what they will get and many of your readers won’t be interested in the majority of your posts.

Don’t Publicize Yourself – Sure, have your blog post to Facebook and Twitter, but then just leave it alone. Don’t reshare much because you don’t want to annoy people. Bonus points if you do reshare in the most annoying way possible or by inserting yourself in a Facebook or Twitter conversation.

Be Bad at Interacting with Other Bloggers – Follow blogs, read them, but never feel like you have anything to add to the conversation so don’t comment. Get busy and then stop reading the other blogs for a while. Or better yet, don’t follow any other blogs at all. You don’t need them. You can do it all alone.

Write Really Fast About 15 Minutes Before You Leave For Work – Don’t stop to think about what you are saying. Don’t research topics at all. Don’t edit. Just type and post. People love error ridden, stream of consciousness posts. Occasionally forget to give the post a title before publishing. That’s professional level work right there.

Be Generally Bad at Writing – If you are really good at writing, you might do all of this and accidentally get an audience based on talent alone. The only way to ensure the lack of success at my level is to be an untalented hack.

If you follow these tried and true methods you too can have a mediocre, unnoticed blog. Good Luck!

Another Boring Look at Blog Stats

Stumbled upon this table on my stats page. I can’t believe I started this thing way back in 2008. As you can see, I did not really post regularly until 2016.  I’ve already posted more this year than I did in the entirety of 2010 and 2011. I’m happy to see that my average comments and likes per post are steadily rising. It would be sad to write more and not get more likes and comments. My average words per post this year seems low, but I have done a couple of the photo challenge posts, so that could explain that.
I know I’m the only person who actually cares about all of this, but I like to see numbers that show that I might eventually get better at this.
Also – Less than 200 words in this post. That won’t help that average.
Annual Site Stats
Year Total Posts Total Comments Avg Comments per Post Total Likes Avg Likes per Post Total Words Avg Words per Post
2008 35 23 0.7 2 0.1 7481 213.7
2009 24 21 0.9 0 0 6094 253.9
2010 8 6 0.8 2 0.3 1867 233.4
2011 15 5 0.3 3 0.2 3606 240.4
2012 42 28 0.7 18 0.4 9159 218.1
2013 51 49 1 18 0.4 14370 281.8
2014 56 27 0.5 25 0.4 14300 255.4
2015 32 45 1.4 31 1 11121 347.5
2016 101 176 1.7 246 2.4 37957 375.8
2017 159 411 2.6 958 6 51320 322.8
2018 18 62 3.4 177 9.8 4799 266.6

My Year in Blogging

I’ve decided to start my yearly wrap up posts early this year. If I can remember what I did this year, I will do my personal year in review this week as well. Sometime around New Year’s Day I will do my year in reading post. This is a nice lazy “post my blog stats and top posts” blog post.

According to WordPress I have 5,582 views, 3,190 visitors, 914 likes and 403 comments in 2017. I know these numbers are very small for the more popular bloggers, but for a sad little blog like mine it is pretty darn good. Y’all need to work harder to get those numbers up next year. I trust you can do it if you try hard enough.

The majority of my views have come from the USA(4575) but Canada, United Kingdom. and India came in in triple digits this year. Good job other countries!

People found me with the following search terms –

  • survivor debbies delusions
  • debbie survivor delusional
  • being awkward is cool washington post
  • tater takes.com
  • i don’t believe in guilty pleasures
  • washington post date lab
  • clean and sober i’m just a little bit smarter and a hole lot older
  • world thoughts lyrics
  • tater brackets

The top referrers to my blog were Facebook, WordPress Reader, The Bloggess and Twitter

My most read post was On Marches and Life with 101 views.

There you have it. My year in blogging. I thought about posting my top 5 read posts, but that seemed too much like a desperate attempt at more clicks.



The War on Christmas

Setting: The North Pole, Santa’s Compound

It is going to be hard to infiltrate Santa’s bunker. His intelligence department is one of the best in the world. They see you when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake. Trying to take down Santa could be a big mistake. Luckily, the Happy Holiday Alliance had a man on the inside. A disgruntled elf has promised to provide inside information in exchange for asylum in the states and admittance to dental school. We thought we could turn a member of the Reindeer Force, but he was promoted to lead reindeer and guide, so that is no longer an option.

Another issue – their secret weapon – the Christmas Cheer. We’re not really sure what it is, but it seems to give them extra power. We’ve also hear that is spreads when people sing loud for all to hear. We have distributed noise canceling headphones to the troops to combat the issue. Our corporate sponsor Starbucks is lending a hand by distributing non-specific holiday cups and wishing people happy holidays as we’ve heard that saying Merry Christmas and putting non-religious, but Christmas specific symbols on the cup also increases the Christmas Cheer quotient.

With all of these precautions in place, we are ready to take the compound and finally win the war on Christmas. Hopefully, tomorrow I will check in during a victory dinner of grilled reindeer and Santa will be defeated.