Lacking Motivation

I am currently laptop-less. My laptop traveled to college with my daughter and will remain there until hers is repaired. There is no timetable for this to happen. Until then, I am stuck with only an Ipad for writing. I hate writing on the Ipad for various reasons. It makes me less motivated to even … More Lacking Motivation

Laptop Woes

I use a very old laptop when I write. It was my daughter’s before she upgraded for college. When I started working from home I started using it for work. It was old and clunky, but it worked. I could do what I needed to do. Part of the screen was messed up. There was … More Laptop Woes

Post 1500

We have hit a milestone here at The World’s Common Tater. This is post 1500! Unlike TV shows, this milestone post will not be bigger and better than the rest of the posts. There are no big guest stars or events. Just me thinking about my blogging life. I started the blog way back in … More Post 1500

Upcoming Hiatus

I have not liked anything I have written today so I will do the quick post I planned for Thursday morning to let everyone know about an upcoming semi-hiatus. If everything goes as planned I will be leaving Tater Town soon and will be away for a little over a week. I will be spending … More Upcoming Hiatus

Still Boring

A while back I wrote about how it’s Hard to Be a Blogger When You’re Boring. I am reminded of that as I sit here contemplating what to write. I live in a place where everything is open at full capacity. I am fully vaccinated. Our positive percentage rate is below 1%. We have fewer than … More Still Boring