Express Yourself

It has been one of those weeks where I sit down to write and spend a lot of time writing titles and then deleting them when I realize I don’t really want to write that post. I have fragments of ideas floating around in my head, but I can’t seem to get the words out. … More Express Yourself

Some Medium Drama

Yesterday I saw an article on Medium entitled “Why I Am Shocked By this Move By One Particular Publication” For the most part, I have stopped reading anything like this. I’m tired of all of the posts there of people complaining about Medium. Same as I tire of people tweeting about how much they hate … More Some Medium Drama

14 Years of Blogging and an Air Conditioning Update

I have not yet received a notification from WordPress, but Timehop tells me that today is the 14th anniversary of starting this blog. Edit – just got the notification Last year when I celebrated my blogiversary I was also celebrating my 1500th post. This will be post 2095. I now have 1171 followers on WordPress. … More 14 Years of Blogging and an Air Conditioning Update

A 6 Month Check-In

Yesterday I published an article on Medium titled A 6 Month Check-In On My Reading Diversity in 2022. Spoiler – I have nost succeeded in diversifying my reading. I looked today to see if I had posted goals or resolutions for the year. I did not. I did find something I posted that was a … More A 6 Month Check-In

My Medium Publication, Reading is a Novel Idea Is Open for Submissions

I started a Medium publication to separate my book articles from the other random stuff I write. I decided today to open up to other writers to try to grow it into a decent publication for all things reading. If you write about books and reading consider joining me over there. You can even import … More My Medium Publication, Reading is a Novel Idea Is Open for Submissions

Schedule Changes

Recently, the riding place where I volunteer sent out an email asking for volunteers to join the facilities team. They needed someone to work Monday mornings doing things like dragging the field, driving around with the water tank to fill water troughs, etc. I volunteered, partly because I removed myself from Saturdays, assuming they would … More Schedule Changes

Break the Rules

Rules have been on my mind this week. It started with unwritten rules in the Juwan Howard incident. It escalated with the worst part of Medium – the torrent of articles written by Medium “experts” telling us how we are doing everything wrong. I made the mistake of clicking on Medium advice articles when first … More Break the Rules