Spotify Shuffle

My post idea for the day was not a fun one. I decided I didn’t really want to write another sad post so I decided to go back to an old standard – the music shuffle. I am going to start my Spotify playlist on shuffle and share the first ten songs that come up. I may or may not make comments depending on the song.

  1. Dance Like a Maniac – The Dollyrots: One of my favorite bands. I have seen them in concert a few times and met the lead singer. I do not dance like a maniac.
  2. Crazy Peanuts – Stephen Lynch: A singing comedian. I’m not a Peanuts fan, but I like this one.
  3. Get Weird – The Dollyrots: Another from them. I really like them. My wife does not.
  4. Kids Again – Jaret and Kelly: The lead singer of Bowling for Soup and the lead singer of the Dollyrots did an album together. It’s very good.
  5. I Got You(I Feel Good) – James Brown: I love my oldies
  6. Drivin My Life Away – Eddie Rabbit: the influence of my dad. I heard a lot of country music as a kid.
  7. Smarter – Ryan Hamilton and the Traitors: Now called Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts and signed with Wicked Cool Records. I once saw Ryan sing in someone’s living room.
  8. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard: Gotta have some 80’s on the list.
  9. The Cover of the Rolling Stone – Dr Hook: I’ve always loved this song for some reason
  10. King of the Road – Roger Miller: another really old one. For a while during lockdown this one came on every time I went for a walk. I think it must be my theme song.

Not as good of a mix as I was hoping for this morning. My list is a mix of old country, new country, 80’s. new pop punk, ska, some new pop music, disco and more.

And now the picture of me and Kelly from The Dollyrots and my son with Jaret from Bowling for Soup

Me with Kelly from The Dollyrots

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