Post 1500

We have hit a milestone here at The World’s Common Tater. This is post 1500! Unlike TV shows, this milestone post will not be bigger and better than the rest of the posts. There are no big guest stars or events. Just me thinking about my blogging life. I started the blog way back in … More Post 1500

Monday Again

Here I am again. Monday morning with an overwhelming sense of melancholy about having to leave the house. Another Monday morning with no blog post ideas. I saw on Twitter a discussion of how far in advance people schedule blog posts. There are people out there who have weeks worth of blog posts done and … More Monday Again

My Son’s Work Blog Again

My son mentioned recently that his blog at work does not get as many views as this one so here is a post to boost his work. He works in restoration at Audubon Naturalist Society. He is no longer an intern as his bio states. He has a fancy new title. Read and enjoy