Trying to De-Stress My Online Life

Yesterday in therapy I talked about how part of my stress over certain things were increased by stories friends shared on social media. They just happened to share a story about a topic that was part of my anxiety. For them it was “here is some interesting news I saw” while for me it was a “see, you are right to be stressed” moment. That was just a coincidence and the only way to avoid it is to disconnect completely. I don’t want to do that, so I need to try to make my online life more pleasant. I have done a few things already.

I unfollowed people on Facebook who only post divisive things. People on both sides of the politivl spectrum.

I muted a couple of words on Twitter – Trump and Covid.

I have started unfollowing people on Twitter who only post to push a political agenda.

I unfollow people who only retweet stories about Covid.

I wish there was an easy way to unfollow everyone and start over.

I need to work on limiting the amount of time I spend on Twitter and Facebook. Part of that is finding new places that aren’t just full of politics.

Instagram is good for avoiding the politics and enjoying photos from friends ,but I can only look at so many pictures.

Tik Tok is good for a laugh if I find the right people. Also, apparently Book Tok is a thing. I should look for those videos.

I need to play more with Clubhouse and find rooms that are entertaining.

The Post just ran an article about some book related apps this morning. I downloaded three of them. It will help with both having new apps to spend time on and with pushing me to reach reading goals.

I could be better at reading more blogs and participating in discussions in the comments.

What have you done to keep your online life from stressing you out? Any more app suggestions for me?


20 thoughts on “Trying to De-Stress My Online Life

  1. Limiting my time on Facebook and Twitter was the only way I was able to manage my anxiety surrounding the state of the world. You’ve made some excellent steps! I hope you feel better soon 🙂

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  2. I paused my FB and Instagram accounts. Publisize on my WordPress will not work properly if you delete your FB account. Instagram will not let you delete your account. So what is this all about? Over the years, I have deleted many folks on FB for things they said, and for actually attacking me verbally. Once, it was a way to keep in contact with friends from high school, old friends etc, now it’s turned into a malicious vehicle. Better off without it.

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    1. I’ve considered deactivating Facebook but have never pulled the trigger. I need to go back to what I did last summer where I unfollowed all but a handful of family and friends and posted sparingly.


  3. I limit my time on Facebook to fifteen minutes a day. Other than blogs, I don’t do any other social media except Instagram, where most of my posts are about things to do in New York. I read news headlines in the morning and then I’m done with news. I know the broad strokes of what’s happening but I avoid reading anything that smacks of opinions

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    1. I’ve been way into social media and other online stuff since I started working in the jail. It’s hard to just quit. I also read the paper every day but I do just read the headline for a lot of the articles now and focus more on the arts and style section

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  4. I never scroll through Twitter and don’t get notified about posts. I got an account simply to follow Chris Moore, but obviously never really “followed.” So that one isn’t a problem for me. With Facebook, over the past year I’ve blocked negative, troll-like, pot-stirring people, in other words people who are just in it to see what kind of reaction they can elicit by their posts and comments. I also started “unliking” pages that were too political or that I didn’t really care about anymore. With individuals who should be friends but just don’t act like they are, I block them. Facebook is much better for me now. When it seems like everyone is posting negative and/or political things, I just stop scrolling. I enjoy Instagram because it is primarily just pictures, so unstressful. Except, of course, posts from people whose pictures are memes that stress, but they are few. I also have fewer friends on Instagram and follow fewer groups and businesses. But the biggest thing I’ve done is to stay off my laptop except for morning before breakfast and to check mail and blogs throughout the day. It’s amazing how little I miss Facebook.

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  5. My daughter suffered major depression this COVID year and her therapist told her to limit her social media to five minutes a day. I’ve stayed away from Facebook and only look at it every once in a while. I do get stuck on Twitter, though.


  6. for years I twit and rejoined Facebook, even had cousin’s beg me to I did, unfriended and refriended people over the years..till people got sick of the constant refriend. Had too many open mouth insert foot moments, accidentally stirred work drama because I would vent about shitty days and in turn co-workers would twist words, for awhile I kept Facebook because I had messenger but one day I just had enough…I came to terms with facebook being an addiction and quit for good but not without some serious withdrawal. I also quit Twitter, and any game apps. I devote most of my time between The Blog and the Podcast, stopped reading any newsfeeds, but still find myself wasting time on YouTube…Haven’t cut ties with that, because there are prank videos especially fake farting that just put me in a better mood.

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  7. Yes, I do the exact same! Social media is an escape for me, so whenever I find people there that ruin that for me, I unfriend them or block. I deal with real-life issues and problems all day long, I don’t want to deal with it online as well. Take care of yourself Tater!

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    1. Yeah. It’s great for the people that just quit using it, but it has always been an escape and a way for me to connect with people. I don’t want to quit. I just want it to be a better experience.


  8. I don’t want to suggest you another app , but limiting usage of popular apps is the best way to deal with anxiety , ex : create an Instagram account but only follow the things that you care extremely , cats, dogs , fashion. And stay away from crowded apps.

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