What’s Good in Tater Town 4/11/21

This week was a blur and I haven’t slept well the last few days so my brain is fuzzier than normal. Let’s see if I can remember the good.

  1. Both kids came home for dinner Sunday.
  2. Nice weather all week.
  3. Nice weather meant walks and reading on the deck.
  4. Dunkn is still giving a free donut if you buy coffee on Wednesdays
  5. More people seem to be reading the blog.
  6. The Braves have won four games in a row.
  7. I’ve been able to watch most of the games on TV.
  8. I got to chat with friends when I picked up a movie from the library on Friday.
  9. I saw my daughter again Friday when I drove her to get her first dose of the vaccine.
  10. All four members of my family have received the first dose of the vaccine and will be fully vaccinated by mid May.

That’s it for this week. What’s good with you?

What’s Good in Tater Town 4/4/21

Happy Easter! This year is flying by. Here’s the good from the week in Tater Town.

  1. Dinner with my son Sunday night.
  2. I got my first dose of the vaccine Tuesday morning.
  3. Free donut again on Wednesday.
  4. I saw some church people I had not seen in a while when picking up my food for delivery Thursday morning.
  5. Baseball is back!
  6. Kong vs Godzilla on HBO Max.
  7. Talked to library friends while picking up a hold Saturday morning.
  8. Great late basketball game last night. The team I was cheering for lost, but the game was excellent.
  9. Outdoor sunrise service at church this morning.
  10. Both kids are coming home for dinner today.

That’s all for this week. Hope you all had a good week as well.

What’s Good in Tater Town 3/28/21

This was one of those weeks where by Wednesday I had lost track of the days and had to keep reminding myself the next day was Thursday and I had something to do. Was there good in the confusion? Let’s see,

  1. Dinner with my son Sunday night.
  2. More basketball on TV.
  3. A break from basketball midweek meant real sleep to get ready for more basketball.
  4. I found a game to keep me occupied when I don’t feel like reading,
  5. Warm weather most of the week.
  6. Warm weather meant time reading on my front porch.
  7. Two free donuts this week.
  8. Actually all my donuts are still free thanks to my going away gift from my friends at the library.
  9. I didn’t seriously hurt myself when I fell down the stairs.
  10. My dog’s dental procedure went well.

That’s all I can think of for the week. Nothing too exciting happened.

What’s Good in Tater Town 3/21/21

Here we are at the end of another week. April is just around the corner. Hoping fir brighter days ahead. Here’s the good.

  1. My daughter came home from school Sunday for spring break and stayed until Thursday afternoon.
  2. This meant I had four afternoons less alone.
  3. Time change so more sun in the evenings.
  4. My son came home for lunch Monday to celebrate my daughter’s birthday
  5. We had carry out from their normal birthday restaurant.
  6. Our governor finally gave us a timeline for vaccine eligibility. We are still way too slow but having dates helps with my anxiety.
  7. March madness has started so I’ve had college basketball all day since Friday.
  8. Free Wendy’s honey chicken biscuit Friday morning.
  9. My wife surprised me by saying we should get carry out from our favorite local cafe for lunch Saturday.

That’s what I can think of for the week. It was a nice break from the norm.

What’s Good in Tater Town 3/14/21

This might be a short list. It was not a great week. Most of that is mood related, not necessarily event related. Not a lot of events these days. Let’s see if I can find some good.

  1. Dinner with my son Sunday night.
  2. New Walking Dead to watch.
  3. Really nice weather all week. I wore shorts and a t-shirt while walking the dog Thursday.
  4. Food delivery to four houses Thursday was easier now that I know where all the houses are,
  5. New Station 19, Grey’s and Million Little Things Thursday night.
  6. A lot of good college basketball games on TV.
  7. Today’s is the day sunset will be after 7pm.
  8. my daughter comes home today for a few days for spring break.

That’s all I can think of today.

Here is the recording I did Friday afternoon. Sort of a weekly recap.

What’s Good in Tater Town 3/7/21

I started out the week on a high and then by mid week was heading back to lows. That’s life on the roller coaster. Here’s hoping I start the upswing soon. Looking for the good will help.

  1. One last day of my daughter being home Sunday.
  2. I worked up the courage to record my voice a couple of times on Anchor. You can listen here.
  3. Dinner with my son Monday night.
  4. No rain, so a walk every day.
  5. Talked to a friend I haven’t seen in a while when I saw them at the grocery store.
  6. Delivered food from church to four houses Thursday morning.
  7. Got out of the house Friday to drive my daughter to the dentist.
  8. It was four hours in the car, but it got me out of the house and it was time with my daughter.
  9. Kentucky actually won a basketball game yesterday.
  10. I spent the rest of the day after the game watching movies – Replacements, Hot Fuzz and Judas and the Black Messiah.

That’s it for this week.

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What’s Good in Tater Town 2/28/21

I can’t believe it’s the last day of February already. I’m looking forward to the nice spring weather. Here’s the good from last week.

  1. Dinner with both kids again Sunday night.
  2. My daughter stayed home for the week since her school was on a one week Covid sequester.
  3. Her being home meant less alone time in the afternoons.
  4. I got the nerve to submit writing to something other than my blog Monday. It wasn’t great writing and I have no expectations, but it was a big step for me.
  5. Driving my daughter to campus for her regular required Covid test got me out of the house Tuesday.
  6. Warm enough weather for me to read on the front porch a little.
  7. Out of the house again Thursday for my first weekly shift delivering food boxes for my church.
  8. More free birthday food. This time Red Robin burgers.
  9. This actually should have been in another week, but my son was accepted to grad school at University of Maryland.

That’s all I can remember from this week. Here comes March.

What’s Good in Tater Town 2/21/21

This was my birthday week so the good will mostly revolve around food. Still some free food coming. Here’s the good.

  1. Monday was a federal holiday so I used that as an excuse to relax more.
  2. Dinner with both kids Monday night.
  3. Free Starbucks drink and Panera pastry for breakfast Tuesday
  4. I spent my birthday afternoon catching up on WandaVision.
  5. Free Mission BBQ for dinner Tuesday.
  6. Free Dunkin drink Wednesday morning.
  7. My MIL got her second dose of the vaccine.
  8. Free Firehouse subs sandwich for dinner Wednesday night.
  9. For some strange reason the blog had over 300 views over a couple of days at the end of the week.
  10. Kentucky beat Tennessee yesterday.

That’s it for this week. Looking forward to some warm days coming soon.

What’s Good in Tater Town 2/14/21

Happy Valentine’s Day from icy Maryland. It’s time to find the good from the past week in Tater Town. Let’s see if I can remember the last week.

  1. The Super Bowl was Sunday night. While everyone else seemed to hate everything about it, I enjoyed it.
  2. Free coffee from Dunkin Monday.
  3. I seem to be past my focus issues with reading.
  4. Once I changed focus a little on the writing I had a couple of good writing days.
  5. People still keep reading my dumb little blog.
  6. Free coffee from Wawa Friday.
  7. I got to talk to friends when I picked up movies from the library Friday afternoon.
  8. My daughter came home for the weekend.
  9. Free dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme for my birthday.
  10. Kentucky basketball finally won a game.

That’s the list for this week. Now I enter the week of my first and hopefully last pandemic birthday.

What’s Good in Tater Town 2/7/21

Super Bowl Sunday is here. I’ve been watching at home with just my family the past few years, so nothing will be different for me tonight. I hope the commercials are good since I have no real rooting interest in the game. That has nothing to do with my post, though. Let’s find the good from last week.

  1. We finally got a real snow last weekend. It took me having nowhere to go, but I still enjoyed seeing it.
  2. I didn’t really have to shovel.
  3. More books at the library.
  4. I hit 10,000 words on my jail thing I’m writing.
  5. Still got out for a walk everyday but the days it was actively snowing.
  6. Free burger Thursday night.
  7. We had two really nice days at the end of the week.
  8. Dinner with my son last night.
  9. More snow today.

It was a pretty uneventful week. I wrote, I read. I walked. I watched TV. I picked books up at the library. Every day is pretty much the same as the last one. I’m looking forward to spring when I will have more outside stuff to do.