What’s Good in Tater Town 6/16/19

I was back to a relatively normal schedule this week. No trips. No school visits. No change in my hours. Just an ordinary week of work and not much else. Was there any good? Let’s find out.

  1. My wife and son made it home from Portland safely.
  2. It was a long wait at the cell phone lot because BWI sucks at luggage handling, but that gave me time to read more of my book.
  3. The Braves took sole possession of first place in the NL East.
  4. I was finally able to start watching Good Omens.
  5. We bought tickets to see the Braves play in DC this Saturday.
  6. The weather was really nice this week so I had multiple lunches outside.
  7. Free coffee at Panera gave me an excuse to go sit and read there for a while before work on Friday.
  8. My son got his official job offer and will start a real full-time with benefits job after his fellowship is over.
  9. We went out to lunch at our favorite restaurant yesterday to celebrate my son’s birthday.
  10. For once schedule issues at work worked in my favor so I was home to go to that lunch instead of being at work.

It was harder to get to ten this week. It was an ordinary week with a lot of little annoyances with the work part of it. It will be easier the next few weeks as I go to a conference and then to Kentucky to visit family. It’s good to have things to look forward to when you are depressed about going to work.


What’s Good in Tater Town 6/9/19

It was my first full week back to work after my trip. My schedule was weird. I didn’t sleep well. Let’s see if I can find some good.

  1. I did book promotions at a high school all day on Monday. I worked 7-3 instead of 9-5 so I got to avoid rush hour and have a longer afternoon at home. I prefer the early schedule to the 9-5.
  2. While I don’t think I’m very good at book promotions, a few kids did seem interested in a couple of the books I talked about, so maybe someone will read a book this summer because of me.
  3. The early schedule worked out well with y daughter’s car being repaired. We got the call that it was fixed and ready to be picked up right after I got home so we were able to get it and be home before traffic was terrible.
  4. My son presented his research at a poster session at a professional conference in Portland this week.img_1625
  5. My daughter got her job back at the local library for the summer.
  6. I had a meeting out of the branch on Tuesday(can you tell I like being out of the branch) with my grant group. I’ the most useless member of the group, but don’t act like I am.
  7. People came to the class on medical cannabis at my branch Wednesday afternoon and I had no complaints about the topic.
  8. I had free breakfast food or drink at three different places this week so I skipped my normal granola bar/bowl of cereal and had better food prepared by others. Krispy Kreme gave me two free donuts instead of one Friday.
  9. I was able to get stuff done around the house yesterday and still have time to relax and go to the local street festival with my daughter.
  10. I have no obligations today besides driving to the airport later.

What’s Good in Tater Town 6/2/19

It’s been two weeks since I did one of these due to travel. I could cheat and only do ten things from my trip, but I think that would kind of defeat the purpose of these posts. So, I will condense the trip part and also find good in my week after we returned.

  1. My son made it home from work(he was housesitting while we were gone) before we left for the airport, so we had a chance to see him before we left.
  2. All of the travel parts of the trip went smoothly, Flights were on time. We made it to all of our gates with ease. No running through the airport this time. I slept more on the trip over than usual.
  3. I enjoyed every day in Baku. It was a nice change from the last two trips where I was bored a lot.
  4. Istanbul was fun and our trip to and from the airport worked out great. A 24-hour layover to see the city was a good idea.
  5. I came back to a week of three days at work, one day off, and then an event out of the branch on Saturday.
  6. Friday was a frustrating day, but at least at the end of the day we got my daughter’s car to the repair place and it will be in working order soon.
  7. Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts’ new album we released Friday.
  8. I had book club Friday night, so I got to spend time with friends.
  9. Saturday I spent the day outside at a local festival at the library table. I also got to eat tacos and dessert from the strawberry festival at the church next door.
  10. My son made it to Portland safely last night.

It was a good couple of weeks. Let’s hope this keeps up now that I’m back to regular life.

What’s Good in Tater Town 5/19/19

Another relatively uneventful week. A week of preparing for bigger events next week. My travel anxiety is at a very high level today as we prepare to leave for Baku tomorrow. I miss the days when I could travel without getting stressed out about it. I think the terrible India trip has made me expect the worse when it comes to these trips now. I feel a little better now that I know they are actually taking us on planned outings while my wife is at work. The less I have to plan and deal with on my own the better. I would also feel a lot better if both kids were coming with us. I always get stressed and sad when we leave my son behind. Anyway, that’s next week. Let’s look at the past week.

  1. Both kids came home for lunch for Mother’s Day and stayed for most of the day.
  2. We had our Professional Development Day at work on Monday so instead of going to the branch I went to an all day training at an off-site location.
  3. This meant I got to see friends I no longer see on a daily basis and other friends I rarely see.
  4. We went out after the training so I got more time with friends in a non-work setting.
  5. A stressful work situation was finally dealt with this week.
  6. Our anniversary was on Thursday. We didn’t do anything exciting, but it means that so far my wife has not gotten tired of me yet.
  7. It was a nice weather week so I got to eat outside for lunch a lot, walk the dog and read on my deck.
  8. It also meant the grass was nice and dry for mowing on Friday.
  9. My daughter came home for the summer yesterday.
  10. Only two more days of work and I’m on vacation.

I don’t know how much I will post after tomorrow as we will be flying out tomorrow night and out of country until next Monday night. Here’s hoping I have a lot of good to share when I return.

What’s Good in Tater Town 5/12/19

It has been a week. It will be a challenge to come up with much for a “what’s good” post. It alternated from bad and stressful to sitting on my couch because I didn’t feel like doing anything else. Maybe the coming week will be better. Only one more week until we head overseas again. I can make it. So, was there any good?

  1. I’m alive and healthy.
  2. I have a job and a place to live.
  3. I was able to get my yard work done around the seemingly constant rain.
  4. There were donuts at work Wednesday.
  5. It was nice enough weather on Friday that I was able to sit on my deck and read for a while.

This week will at least start better. The kids are coming over today and Monday will give me a chance to be out of the branch and see people I don’t normally see. No guarantees after that.

What’s Good in Tater Town 5/5/19

I obviously opted against doing my normal weekly review of my reading and viewing. I thought I might do it yesterday, but I only had one movie and one book for the week. The movie will be included in this list. I hope the break from writing will not mean I get in the habit of not writing regularly. On to what’s good.

  1. My daughter was inducted into an honor society at college on Sunday. We went to the induction ceremony and then all four of us went out to eat after.img_1395
  2. The timing worked out perfectly so I was able to go see Endgame at 10am Wednesday morning before leaving for a conference. I was able to see it without any spoilers. It was a satisfying ending to the story of the original Avengers.
  3. I left the movie and drove directly to the state library conference. I’ve been involved with the state library association and the conference for over 20 years. It’s nice that my employers continue to allow me to go every year.
  4. There were others from work at the conference who at least pretended they didn’t mind hanging out with me in between sessions.
  5. My pub quiz team won three individual rounds and the overall prize. I did not really contribute at all. I just had smart teammates.img_1399
  6. The keynote speaker Friday morning was really good and the last session I went to was also very good. I ended the conference on a high note.
  7. I made it home Friday early enough to be able to finish my book club book before I left that evening for book club. I was able to keep my streak of finishing every book alive.
  8. Book club night means spending time with friends I used to see every day before I transferred. That’s always a fun time.
  9. 65 people came to our May the 4th Spring Fest at work yesterday. The coworker I left behind and abandoned for the conference did a great job putting it all together.
  10. My son was part of the fest with as our nature expert as part of his job. It was nice t hear people talk about what a good job he was doing before they even knew it was my son.

After a rocky start, it was a very good week. Let’s hope my week back in the real world isn’t terrible.

What’s Good in Tater Town 4/28/19

I’ve mentioned before that the hardest part of these posts is remembering what happened earlier in the week. It’s not just that I’m old(I am) but also that my days are so bland that they all run together I get up, drink coffee, read the paper, go to work, go home, watch TV, go to bed, rinse, repeat, etc. I’ve become a very boring person. Who am I kidding? I’ve always been a very boring person. So, some weeks it is hard to remember because every day seems like the other. This was, for the most part, one of those weeks. Next week I break from the norm and go to a conference so, when I don’t write for three days next week, that is why.  Now let’s see what good things I can remember from the week.

  1. My daughter was home for the weekend last week and my son came home for lunch on Easter. We had lunch and then watched a movie together. It’s always good to be together again.
  2.  It was nice enough weather that I was able to take the dog for a walk every day after work.
  3. It was nice enough weather that I ate lunch outside every day this week.
  4. I had a meeting out of the branch on Thursday with friends I never get to see in person.
  5. After working two Saturdays in a row, I finally had the entire weekend off this week.
  6. I hit 1000 views for the month yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve had 1000 views in a month.

I guess that’s it. Nothing terrible happened. Nothing really happened at all. I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As I mentioned above, I leave Wednesday for a conference. If I do write it will be from a phone or a tablet so there will be a lot of typos. I will likely push my week in reading and viewing post to Saturday when I’m home again.

What’s Good in Tater Town 4/21/19

Happy Easter everyone! It’s time to look back and find the good things in my week. It was just an ordinary week. Nothing particularly good or bad. That’s not a bad thing.

  1. Game of Thrones is back!
  2. The weather was nice enough again to take the dog for a walk every night after work.
  3. Red Robin had a week of deals for reward members so we had dinner out on Tuesday.
  4. Another meeting out of the branch on Wednesday and another nice day for driving.
  5. I switched nights with someone this week so I was home to watch Survivor and Amazing Race live.
  6. I got paid to watch Won’t You Be my Neighbor and Solo at work this week.
  7. The storms Friday were not too bad at our house and we were able to drive to campus without dealing with more than light rain.
  8. My daughter came home for the weekend and my son is coming home for lunch today.

I think that does it for the week.

What’s Good in Tater Town 4/14/19

It was a pretty good week that ended on a day at work when I normally wouldn’t be at work. Whenever I switch weekends or nights it always seems to go bad. This was no exception. Good thing there were good things before yesterday.

  1. Both of my kids were home for dinner Sunday night.
  2. I had another meeting out of the branch Tuesday. It was a nice day to be out for a drive and I used my 30 minutes of lunch to visit with friends at my old branch.
  3. We laughed a lot at work Wednesday night, probably because I’m hilarious.
  4. Another out of branch meeting and another nice day for a drive on Thursday.
  5. I visited my old branch again because they said they had food.
  6. I mowed for the first time of the season Friday and for the first time in a while, the grass wasn’t even a little damp. It’s nice not to have constant rain.
  7. This is probably why I was able to do the entire lawn without the battery dying on the mower.
  8. I got good work news on Friday afternoon.
  9. My son spent the night Friday night since we were on the way to where he needed to be early Saturday morning.
  10. He requested Grilled Cheese & Company for dinner. That’s always a good thing.

Let’s hope the weeks of an easy 10 good things continue.

What’s Good in Tater Town 4/7/19

A better week this week. I’m coming to terms with the events of last week and moving on with life. No sense looking in the rear view mirror. It wasn’t the most exciting of weeks. I think the list will be small, but the list of bad is smaller, so I’ve got that going for me.

  1. The week started badly with Kentucky losing to Auburn, but it was followed by the good of Duke losing and that made the loss easier to take.
  2. It was warm enough to eat lunch outside multiple times this week and warm enough to be out in shorts yesterday.
  3. Calipari signed a new contract that will keep him at Kentucky as long as he wants to be there.
  4. Due to some schedule changes, I was working on Friday and my boss wasn’t so I got to attend a planning meeting about a new branch.
  5. The meeting included a free breakfast and lunch.
  6. I was able to go next door and see friends at my old branch while at the meeting.
  7. I took leave when the meeting was over and got home 90 minutes earlier than normal.
  8. After cleaning the shower yesterday I was able to relax on the couch with my book and a baseball game on TV which led to a surprise hour-long nap.
  9. My daughter decided to come home last night and my son is coming over for dinner tonight so we will all be together again for a few hours.
  10. Michigan State lost last night. It would have been a better night of basketball had Auburn also won, but I have a team I can cheer for tomorrow night.

Wow. I made it to ten without any trouble. Let’s hope this continues.