Tater’s Week in Review 6/3/23

There was less TV to watch this week, but I did watch a movie and I finished a book. Maybe this will be a summer of movies and books. Life The week started out badly. I found out Monday evening that one of the horses at the farm died. Working with the horses is rewarding … More Tater’s Week in Review 6/3/23


Misplaced Loyalty

I was planning to write about the Ted Lasso finale this morning. It will be delayed until tomorrow for two reasons. I can’t find the post, but I think I wrote before about a rift between two musicians I follow. They had been best friends. One was the best man at the other’s wedding. When … More Misplaced Loyalty

My Concert List

Originally posted on The World's Common Tater:
A friend of mine went to the KISS concert in Nashville last night and posted pictures on Facebook. It made me think about seeing KISS in concert when I was in high school. I can’t remember if it was the first or the second concert I attended,…