Survivor Game Changers: The GOAT vs the goats

Caution spoilers ahead:



We started the episode with a tribe swap and a switch from two tribes to three. I enjoy tribe swaps because it shakes up the game. People in trouble get new hope and people in power positions have to start over. I do feel sorry for the third tribe that has to go to a brand new camp and start from scratch. The bad thing about this switch was that it created clear majorities and easy votes unless someone decides to make a big move. Last night was nit the night for big moves in tribal council. Caleb being voted out was obvious and lacked any suspense at all. Luckily, the other tribes gave us some entertaining TV.

At the luxury beach we start with JT sailing his new tribemates out to snorkel and fish and then leaving them there while he makes up an excuse to go back and look for an idol. It was a smart move at the start, but he stayed gone too long and they all knew what he was doing.  This puts an even bigger target on his back until the self proclaimed GOAT of Survivor met the goats of Survivor. Apparently, there are a lot of goats living around this cam ad Sandra wants to eat them. They seemed to have no trouble catching some goats, but they are a mother and baby goat. The rest of the tribe have hearts and feel bad about eating a baby or leaving a baby motherless by eating the mom. Sandra does not care. She will eat them all. There is debate and they decide to free the goats and eat the chickens now that chicken king Tai is no longer there. The chickens are the big losers of the tribe swap. It’s probably good that Tai isn’t there. Sandra might opt to eat him if he tried to protect the chickens. I think this goat drama might lead to Sandra’s demise.

Over on the other beach, it’s clear that Troyzan will be the first to go, so he goes off to look for an idol. He finds a clue and discovers that it will be hidden at the immunity challenge. I love this. It makes for good TV watching someone try to grab the idol in front of everyone. He is successful so their first tribal council could be very interesting. Not much else about this tribe is that interesting at the moment.

They tried to make the vote on the losing tribe suspenseful, but it wasn’t. It was pretty clear it would be Caleb. What I found odd was that Caleb and Hali didn’t seem to be doing much to try to stay. They didn’t show any scrambling, looking for idols or anything. Maybe there was some of that, but it was boring. It just seemed odd. I’m not that sad about Caleb going. I liked him, but not nearly as much as I do the others in the game.

Next week: The revenge of the goats,


Survivor Game Changers Thoughts

Survivor used to be the only show I insisted on watching live. My daughter would get popcorn and we would watch the show together. I would live tweet the show and read tweets to her as the show was happening. This all changed at the end of last season when I changed jobs and had to start working on Wednesday nights. Now we watch delayed when I get home from work. Since I can no longer tweet the show, I thought I would try a weekly blog post the day after. I didn’t take any notes this time because I didn’t decide this until this morning, but after this week I will try to take notes and maybe include some of the things I might have tweeted had I been watching live.

I would start this first post by saying that I realize that armchair quarterbacking the game is a lot easier than playing the game and I’m sure I would make plenty of mistakes in the heat of the moment if actually there. Now, on to the show:

I used to complain about returning contestant seasons and longed for new faces. We have had a few seasons of new faces recently so I was ready for some familiar faces, especially since many are favorites of mine. It does change the dynamic of the first episode for me as a viewer. If it is all new faces, I spend the hour trying to decide who I might like and who I might root against. This can change as the season progresses, but it is all about getting to know the players. This time I know the players so I have some favorites going in and can focus more on the game play. I have to say that the game play surprised me from the start when Jeff said there was a tool kit in the water and only one tribe went for it. I don’t get Malcolm saying that there was no point because Ozzy went for it. Are you already conceding that he is a stronger player? Shouldn’t you want to prove otherwise, especially with a major reward at stake? I think they just made a mistake and tried to cover it up with that statement.

I’m not surprised that Ciera went first last night. She’s not someone you look as being vital to winning challenges and she was the first to start openly talking strategy. I like her and would be more disappointed if there weren’t so many other favorites still in the game. I was surprised by the second boot. Your team is losing challenges and you vote off a strong challenge player and keep a weaker player who has already won twice? I know some strategy is to keep her assuming no one will award her a third win, but everyone loves her. I would not want to sit next to her in front of the jury. Now you have made your team weaker and kept a bigger threat than Tony in the game. I don’t get it. I also don’t get having Varner out in the water and Micheala on shore and then not even letting her help at the end. I know they don’t know much about her, but I see no reason to keep her on the sidelines. I don’t have much of a feel of the other tribe yet, so I have no comments on that end.

Favorite scene:

Tai and JT and the chickens. I side with JT on that one. You aren’t there to marry the chickens. You are there to win the game.

Rooting for – Malcolm, Ozzy, Michaela

Rooting against – Sandra, Cirie, Tai

The Ozzy and Cirie thing because I like Ozzy and it seems like it will be one or the other gone first.

My Unpopular Opinions

A friend posted his 10 non-political unpopular opinions on Facebook recently and then I saw someone else ask the question on Twitter. I’m not sure I can think of 10, but I decided to post some of mine.

  1. Elvis over the Beatles – It is probably because I grew up in an Elvis house and didn’t really know the Beatles’ music until late teens, but I’ve always liked Elvis more than I like the Beatles. If I had to make the choice to never listen to one of them again I would choose to keep Elvis. I do like the Beatles. I just like Elvis more.
  2. Pineapple on Pizza – My friend had this in his list as well. I also didn’t realize it is as controversial as it is. I love pineapple on pizza. It is one of my favorite toppings. Ham and pineapple, bacon and pineapple, chicken and pineapple. It all works and works well. Why would you not want pineapple on your pizza?
  3. Benching High Priced Players – I hear all the time “They can’t bench him. He makes too much money.” This makes no sense to me. The purpose of a professional sports team is to win games. If your high priced, QB, RB, point guard, pitcher, outfielder, etc is not playing well and there is someone on the bench who might be better why would you not make a change? Is this like the Wall Street bailout of “too big to fail”? If I thought Ryan Mallett would give the Ravens a better chance to win(he wouldn’t) I would be fine with high priced Flacco on the bench, It drove me crazy when the Braves would play Dan Uggla. I don’t care they you overpaid for him. He is not good and shouldn’t be on the field. I also think there are times when you should be able to bring in a “relief QB”. If your starter has thrown 3 picks in the first half and can’t get anything going, go to the bullpen. It works in baseball.
  4. Various Education Opinions – College isn’t for everyone. Instead of pushing all kids in to a college prep curriculum schools and parents should work instead on removing the idea that non-college work isn’t good enough. You can make a good living as a plumber, carpenter, mechanic, police officer, etc. but no one is working toward those careers because we are insisting that everyone go to college. College isn’t for everyone. Similarly, why are we requiring kids to take 4 years of math but not offering a variety of math courses for those who aren’t going in to a field where they need calculus. There should be business or “every day” math available for those students who don’t want or need to move on to higher math just to get the 4 years done. There should also be English classes that teach practical writing skills for those who don’t want or need to take AP Lit. Of course schools get money for the number of kids who take AP classes, so they will keep pushing kids to take them to get the money and the rankings.
  5. I Like TV – This one isn’t as unpopular as it used to be as we are in what they call the golden age of TV, but I’ve been a big TV guy since I was a kid. Working on libraries I got a lot of the “I don’t own a TV” over the years said in a way that made it obvious that the person ho said it thought it made them superior. I still read books. I’m at 92 for the year right now and that is below my average, but I love TV. Not just “quality” TV, but sitcoms, cheesy dramas, Survivor, etc. One of the things that makes me sad about my new work schedule is that my weekly daddy/daughter night watching Survivor gets pushed to tape delay. Every Wednesday night for years we have popped popcorn and watched Survivor together. I’m sad about Alan Thicke’s death because watching shows like Growing Pains was a big part of my younger years. I even wrote a poem for English class in high school where I turned the TV Guide in to a poem.

So, that’s all I can think go for now. Feel free to add your own in the comments or make fun of mine.

Tater’s Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday, I decided I was going to stop thinking about upgrading this blog and just upgrade to the premium version of I know there are a lot of articles out there that say there are better options, but the one thing they said was good about what I did is that it is easy and doesn’t require much from the user. That was what I was looking for because I have no idea how to do most of the stuff that would come with migrating and this means I can just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Of course, now I feel pressured to post more. If I’m paying for it, I need to make it worthwhile. So be prepared to see more rambling posts for now.

As I type, it is pouring down rain again. It seems these days we either have drought or we have flood conditions. I really miss the days of a light, steady rain that gives the lawns and gardens the water they need. We really don’t need 3-6″ of rain every time it rains followed by weeks of drought. I also don’t like the days of cloudy, rainy weather because it does affect my mood and no one wants me crankier than I already am.

I have been posting about TV recently and have said a little bit about some of the new shows I have tried. Below is a list of what I’e watched and what I think:

Kevin Can Wait – typical laugh track heavy sitcom. Not horrible, but the laugh track is too much. Not bad as a time killer if nothing else is on.

Speechless – a really good, laugh track free comedy. We laugh a lot while watching this one.

Designated Survivor – I really like this one. A mix of mystery, political drama and family drama. Well done show.

Lethal Weapon – A lot better than I expected. Very funny and good action scenes.

Pitch – Also very good, but my wife thinks the premise will get old fast

Macgyver – mediocre at best. could improve, but not a good start.

This is Us – I watched because I was curious about the twist. It was very good, but I’m not sure it is a show for me.

The Good Place – another one that is pretty funny, but another with a premise that may not be sustainable.

I will be trying Timeless, Conviction and Frequency once they air and will report here.

TV Tonight, September 23 Plus a Review and an Observation

We watched Pitch last night. It is the show about the first female MLB player. It starts with her first day with the team and includes flashbacks to her dad training her. I do agree with some who say that there are several sports movie cliches in the opener, bur being someone who loves sports movies, I didn’t mind them at all. It was well done and enjoyable and I will watch it again.

An observation: I look at comments on to see how others grade the new shows and I always see people who not just predict a show will be canceled, but basically demand it be canceled. I see the same for returning shows. People apparently think any show they hate should immediately be taken off the air. I guess they think it can be replaced with something better? I think they should just find something else to watch at that time or, maybe read a book.

On to tonight:

ABC: Last Man Standing at 8, Dr. Ken at 8:30, Shark Tank at 9, 20/20 at 10. I actually like Last Man Standing, but they have added Jay Leno’s horrible character as a full time character. The more he’s inserted in the how the less time they have for the better stuff. That might do it for me.

CBS: Macgyver at 8, Hawaii 5-0 at 9, Blue Bloods at 10. I have no hope that the new MacGyver will be good, but I will watch it. I still really enjoy Blue Bloods.

FOX: Hell’s Kitchen at 8, The Exorcist at 9. I sense a theme.

NBC: Repeats of Superstore and The Good Place followed by Dateline at 10.

CW: Masters of Illusion at 8 followed by repeats of Masters and Penn and Teller.

Cable: Disney and Nick have new episodes of some kids shows. Syfy has Z Nation and Van Helsing

My advice: Watch Macgyver and Blue Bloods. Record Last Man Standing if you like Tim Allen. Maybe catch up on shows you DVR’ed earlier in the week. Or, don’t be like me and actually go out and do something fun. I hear some people actually do that.

TV Tonight, September 22 and a Designated Review

We watched Designated Survivor last night. The premise: Kiefer Sutherland is the HUD secretary who has just been asked to resign. He is also the designated survivor for the State of the Union address. The Capitol is blown up and Sutherland becomes president. Looks like it will be a mix of whodunit, political drama and family drama. I thought the premiere was really good. They did a good job of introducing all of the major players while moving the story along. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. I will definitely be watching again.

Now tonight:

ABC: Grey’s Anatomy at 8, Notorious at 9, How To Get Away with Murder at 10. I am not ashamed to admit that I have watched Grey’s since day one and still love it. I thought I might try Notorious because I like the stars, but I have not seen one good review for it. I watched about half a season of HTGAWM and got tired of it real quick.

CBS: Football

FOX: Rosewood at 8, Pitch at 9. Never watched Rosewood. Pitch is a new show about the first female MLB player. I’m a sucker for sports shows/movies so this one intrigues me.

NBC: Superstore at 8, The Good Place at 8:30, Chicago MED at 9, Blacklist at 10. I love both comedies. I was only able to watch half of Med on demand this summer so I’m not sure if I will feel like I can start season 2. I still enjoy Blacklist, but I feel the time is coming that I won’t care anymore.

CW: repeats

Cable: Better Things on FX.

My advice: Watch Grey’s, record the NBC comedies(though I will do the reverse since my family does not like Grey’s), watch Pitch, record Med and watch Blacklist. Or, just record them all and watch football.

TV Tonight, September 21 Plus a Review

Last night I watched the premiere of The Good Place that aired Monday night. The premise: Kristen Bell dies and is mistakenly sent to the good place. In order to try to stay, she asks her soulmate to help her learn to be good. Ted Danson plays the architect of the neighborhood. I really enjoyed it. I laughed a lot(even without the help of a laugh track). Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are great as usual. I really enjoyed the live action version of Siri who answers any questions they have. The interaction between Bell and William Jackson Harper, as her soulmate, is great with good chemistry. The only worry I have is that the premise can’t carry the how for more than a season.

Now for tonight:

ABC: The Goldbergs at 8, Speechless at 8:30, Modern Family at 9, Black-ish at 930, Designated Survivor at 10. I still really like Modern Family. I’ve heard good things about The Goldbergs and Black-ish but never watched them. I’ve seen the pilot episode of Speechless and really liked it. I think it could be a hit. We are very excited about Designated Survivor. I’m hoping it’s less thriller and more West Wing in nature.

CBS: Survivor at 8, Bib Brother finale at 9:30. Survivor is still the only show I always watch live. I love the show and usually kind of live tweet it. I will be watching again tonight. Big Brother does not interest me at all.

FOX: Lethal Weapon at 8, Empire at 9. I’m hoping Lethal Weapon is good. I will be recording and hoping for the best. I’ve read some good things about it.

NBC: Blindspot at 8, Law and Order: SVU at 9, Chicago PD at 10. I don’t watch any of these. We started watching Chicago Fire over the summer and I feel like I should watch PD, but I am several seasons behind right now.

CW: Whose Line Is It Anyway at 9 I will record because I love this show.

Cable: Mr Robot finale at 10. I gave up on this season a few weeks ago.

My advice: Watch Survivor live. Record Lethal Weapon, Speechless, Whose Line  and Modern Family. Watch Designated Survivor.