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I’m Done Again

I never intended this blog to be so much of me talking about my problems. I meant to only write about my thoughts on the world. Current events, TV, books, etc. I did that quite a bit in the beginning with a little bit of my personal life sprinkled in. I did posts about my…

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See You On the Other Side

I am taking a vacation. A vacation from work. A vacation from the room I’ve been sitting in for 4 months. A vacation from the news. A vacation from social media. A vacation from the blog. I wish the picture below was current vacation me. I’m going to make an effort to get there mentally…

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Ready for a Break

I woke up this morning already stressed and anxious before my day really even started. My dog woke me up around 6AM as usual. I tried to go back to bed and get more sleep since I am working the 4-8 shift at work tonight. I think I dozed a little, but I can’t turn…

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Self Doubt

I wrote this one a year ago today. This is an ongoing issue. I’ve been looking at job openings again and I opt not to apply for a lot of them because I don’t feel qualified. I’ve also reached a point where I want less, not more when it comes to career. I want to…

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Tuesday Mood

I need to stay away from social media. I need to retire and figure out a way to get paid for writing random things from my house. I need to stop watching the news. Please enjoy the following images of my mood right now.  

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The Never-Ending Wall

I wrote earlier that I had hit the wall during the lockdown. I hoped it was a one day blip. It was not. I took the day off that Friday and gave myself a three day weekend. For those three days I was pretty much OK. I did some cleaning and yard work to not feel…

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I’m Tired

I’m still at the wall hitting stage this week. I’m seriously considering asking for the day off on Friday even though I work from home just to not have to think about anything but what I’m going to watch on TV next. I’m tired of working from home when all of the work I’m best…

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Hitting the Wall

I have two different ideas for blog posts that I workshopped in my head over the weekend. I was all ready to wake up and write before my workday started. Instead, I seem to have hit a wall today. I had a good weekend. I took a lazy day Saturday. I did crossword puzzles. I…

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A Change in my Brain

I’ve mentioned a few times on here about my struggle with focusing on a book. There are several other changes in the way I occupy my mind during these times. Here are some ways the way I spend my time has changed recently(besides the obvious part that I spend all of my time in my…

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Reflections From Isolation

I am now over a month into staying at home. My last day at work was March 13. My last day driving to work to empty the book drop was March 17. Since then I have left the neighborhood a handful of times for food and other necessities. You would think this would be easy…

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