I am a terrible typist. I make a lot of mistakes when I am writing mostly due to being a terrible typist. Most of these mistakes can be caught by Grammarly. Some of them won’t be caught by Grammarly and I am not that great at proofreading my own writing. Some of my common mistakes: … More Typos


I have the premium plan here on WordPress. I can use WordAds to earn from people reading the blog. It is pretty much useless at the level of interaction I have here. I also pay a yearly fee for the theycallmetater.com name. That is a cost I think is worthwhile. Both of these are scheduled … More Changes?

Some Medium Drama

Yesterday I saw an article on Medium entitled “Why I Am Shocked By this Move By One Particular Publication” For the most part, I have stopped reading anything like this. I’m tired of all of the posts there of people complaining about Medium. Same as I tire of people tweeting about how much they hate … More Some Medium Drama