There will be no weekly wrap up post this week. I have not jotted down anything to be added to the post. I could still post it, but it would be an empty post. So, probably better than what I usually post. I can’t seem to write much of anything these days, but I’m reading a lot. I’m 11 books ahead of schedule on my goal to read 100 books this year. Last year I struggled to get to 100. This will all change soon when the fall TV season starts. I will be watching a lot more TV when I am alone which means a lot less of reading books.

Speaking of TV – the “What to Watch Tonight” series will not happen the first week of the fall season this year because I will be out of the country. Poor timing for a TV guy like me. Maybe I can write some posts about TV in the Philippines instead. Since that series is also on hiatus, go to my old post here to see my take on the fall schedule. Some things have been moved around, but my thoughts are pretty much the same.

I have no idea how long the hiatus will last. I may wake up tomorrow with a post in my head. I may not have anything before I flee the country. At the very least I should have a post about the trip at some point and some TV thoughts once I return.


Where In the World is my Blog Going

A blog I follow posted about people from all over the world reading his blog.  I decided to take a look again at my list of origin countries for readers of my blog. I’m pretty sure most of the people from these countries got here by mistake and are disappointed, but they still got here. So, if you care, here is the all time list of country hits for my blog.


United States 11134
Canada 472
Brazil 298
United Kingdom 272
Germany 201
Australia 89
India 69
Poland 69
France 65
Mexico 61
Philippines 57
Romania 53
Ireland 43
Indonesia 41
Italy 41
Pakistan 29
China 26
Argentina 21
Norway 20
Netherlands 20
Turkey 20
New Zealand 19
Chile 16
Ecuador 16
Sweden 15
Portugal 14
South Africa 14
Spain 14
Czech Republic 12
Mauritius 12
Russia 12
Belgium 12
Denmark 11
Croatia 10
Peru 10
Finland 9
Serbia 9
Singapore 9
Japan 9
South Korea 9
Austria 9
Greece 9
Colombia 9
European Union 9
Switzerland 8
Hungary 8
Vietnam 7
United Arab Emirates 7
Venezuela 7
Hong Kong SAR China 6
Ukraine 6
Kenya 6
Benin 5
Dominican Republic 5
Taiwan 5
Bangladesh 5
Moldova 5
Israel 4
Saudi Arabia 4
Puerto Rico 4
Bulgaria 4
Malaysia 4
Algeria 4
Iceland 3
Nigeria 3
Zambia 3
Estonia 3
Kazakhstan 3
Bahamas 3
Slovakia 2
Cyprus 2
Paraguay 2
Egypt 2
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2
Jamaica 2
Uruguay 2
Iraq 2
Sri Lanka 2
Thailand 2
Ethiopia 1
Namibia 1
Nepal 1
Luxembourg 1
Qatar 1
Uganda 1
Belize 1
Somalia 1
Lithuania 1
Belarus 1
Slovenia 1
British Virgin Islands 1
Morocco 1
Bolivia 1
Faroe Islands 1
Ghana 1
Guadeloupe 1
Angola 1
Lesotho 1
U.S. Virgin Islands 1
Panama 1
Cayman Islands 1
Andorra 1
Costa Rica 1

Apparently, I’m Real Neat


I would like to thank Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50 for tagging me for the Real Neat Award. I’m going to cheat though. If you are tagged you are then supposed to tag other blogs and ask them questions. I feel like every blog I follow is so established and more widely read than mine and it would just annoy them for me to tag them for something they’ve probably already done. I may be wrong, but I’m going to err on the side of lazy. If you are a blogger and reading this and want to answer questions, just steal the ones she gave me and answer those. There. I have unofficially nominated everyone. Now to the questions.


  • What song motivates you ? – I don’t know that I have any one song that motivates me. I do have certain songs that I heard right at the right time. I can remember driving home one day when I was living in Cincinnati. I was not happy with my job situation and was starting to lose hope. The song Hold On by Wilson Phillips played on the radio and it made me feel better. It is now the song that always reminds me that things can get better if we can just hold on for one more day.
  • Coffee or tea?  And when do you enjoy it most? I like tea, but I am a coffee man. I like it any time I can get it. I enjoy it the most when I am drinking it. I go to Starbucks because I like my coffee like I like my women – bitter and expensive.
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I used to think I would like the power of invisibility, but then I realized that I seemed to have mastered that one already and it’s really not fun being invisible. I would probably go with flying because I hate to drive.
  • Favorite movie adaptation of a book and why? The book is aways better. I’m going to be boring here and go with the Harry Potter franchise. I really enjoyed all of the movies.
  • What would you want to tell your teenage self? Cheer up. Stop worrying so much about stuff. Loosen up. Talk to people. Ask her out. Don’t waste your high school life being scared to break out of your shell.
  • What is your favorite vacation memory? This is a hard one. I’ve been fortunate to go on so many great vacations. Any time I’m able to still travel and have both of my kids with me is a favorite vacation memory. Funniest vacation memory is when my wife fell in the sea on an island off of Helsinki. It was funny once we were off the island and she was dry. Well, for her it probably took longer for it to be funny.
  • Do you have a nighttime ritual and if so, what is it? Does falling asleep while watching TV count as a ritual? If so, there it is. If not, then no.

Maybe I’m Over-thinking

I've been struggling lately when trying to write.  I'm struggling to put coherent sentences together(I've never let that stop me before) right now. I got away from doing my posts where I write a little bit about a variety of topics.  Some topics just needed to be their own post. Sometimes I really only had something to say about one thing. The problem is that I started feeling like I needed to do the more in-depth posts all the time. I've also started considering trying to write some stuff that I might be able to get published in other venues. I guess I was trying to force that type of writing here. This has led to a struggle to finish a post.

As I was having this struggle, I clicked through to another blog from a blog I'm following. This other blog is mainly posts of one or two sentences. Many of them the sort of thing I post in a Facebook status update. I'm pretty sure this blog has more followers than mine. I don't plan to go down to posting sentence long posts, but it did help me remember that I don't need to write long posts about a single topic. I can do my posts on several topics and get my thoughts out there. People clicking on my blog aren't looking for think pieces. If they are, they've come to the wrong place.

So, I'm going to stop thinking so much about everything and post here when inspiration strikes. I will also try to come up with a plan to jot down or record my thoughts on topics throughout the week so I can at the very least do a weekly wrap up post. Who knows. Maybe some day I will go crazy and do a vlog.

This May or May Not Be My Survivor Post

Another week where I watch Survivor after work on Wednesday night and get to Friday morning without writing about it. No one cared about my thoughts on Survivor when I did it the next day. I’m sure they care even less two days later. I’m thinking that maybe it wasn’t really worth trying to do in the first place. No one who watched it needs a recap and without that there isn’t much to say. Maybe I should change it to a “this week in TV” post every Friday. Not sure what that would be, but anyone reading my posts must know I don’t really put a lot of thought in to them anyway.

So, Survivor thoughts:

I can’t believe Michaela did not see the secret advantage under her feet. She was so focused on complaining that she was not aware of her surroundings. Basically me on a normal day.

I can’t believe Sarah did see it from the water. That is impressive.

I didn’t think the Cirie thing was as powerful as Jeff made it out to be. So many people have gone on the show and overcome personal obstacles. Have we already forgotten Fishbach”s epic battle with a stick?

I was very happy to see Debbie gone. She is so annoying. I’m sure Malcolm and Hali were not happy to see her coming to Ponderosa.

This Blog is Worthless

A few months ago I decided to upgrade to a paid WordPress account. I decided that it was worth it to have more options in the look and feel of something I intended to spend more time on. I opted for this instead of a self hosted option because I didn’t have the skills nor the time to deal with that. When I upgraded I turned on Word Ads in the hope of making back some of the money I paid. So far, I have made a grand total of 65 cents. This past week was one that made me wish once again to have a job where I didn’t have to ever talk to another human. This made me start thinking again that it would be nice to make some money from the blog. I even signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate(you can find a link to buy stuff on my About page and probably a link at the bottom of this post to buy the book I am currently reading) I realized as soon as I signed up that it was a waste of time, but I did it anyway. There are various reasons why I will never make a profit here. Here’s a short list:

1. I’m Not Any Good:  I enjoy writing my dumb little blog posts, but I know I’m really not that great at writing. I could probably be a little better if I sent more time on the posts, but I generally write when I have limited time before I have to go to work. Even if I had the time, I probably wouldn’t take the time because of reason 2

2. I’m a Lazy Writer: I like to post and go. I don’t have the patience to go back and re-read the posts to make sure they sound OK. I will do a spell check and try to catch typing mistakes, but it is always just a quick scan and I usually miss something. Sometimes I even forget to make sure I’ve added a title. Lazy writing is not good writing.

3. I Have No Audience: My typical post gets about 50 views. I feel like I’ve had a good month if I hit 300 view for the month. Other people get that many comments or likes on their posts. A lot of this stems from the first two points. My audience is low because of the quality of the posts. It also stems from the hodge podge nature of my posts. I don’t have a focus, so I don’t draw in an audience.

4. I’m Bad at Networking: I know that I could draw more people in if I sent more time reading and commenting on other blogs, but I’m also too lazy to do that. Lazy, but also not inclined. I don’t want to become the person who does that just to build an audience.  I will only read and comment if I like the blog and have something to say. I’m also not inclined to market myself. I post a couple of times on Facebook and Twitter and even then I feel like I’m being annoying.

5. I Won’t Push It: I will share my new blog post a couple of times, but not more. I don’t want to be the guy who’s entire social media is an advertisement for his blog. I also will never again mention the Amazon thing for the same reason. I’m blogging because I like to blog and don’t want to make it all about trying to make money.

So, the point of this post is to basically say that I will continue to do what I’ve been doing. It would be nice to make back the money I’ve spent on the upgrade, but I’m not going to let a desire to make money change what I’m doing. I know I will never have one of those blogs read by thousands so I should stop thinking about it.

Currently reading: A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

My Most Read Posts

I was looking at my stats on my blog recently and was curious about which posts have been viewed the most. There used to be a place in stats to look at all time stats, but I couldn’t find it so I went year to year and did some math.  Here are the top five posts:

Link or It Didn’t Happen This one is weird. A lot of hits from Google searches and for a while if I googled the phrase this post was a top option. Again, a lot of disappointed customers.

The Alan Meme  A lot of the hits for this one come from overseas. I think they were looking for something else. A lot of disappointed customers there.

Michael Vick This one was helped by a popular Twitter user retweeting it and it still only has 252 hits. That’s how small my audience is.

Facebook Again This one I can’t explain.Just an average run of the mill post about Facebook. I’m not sure why it was read more than the rest of my boring run of the mill posts.

No Time is a Good Time for Goodbye This is the one I wrote in the aftermath of the loss of my mom. No surprise why it was read so many times. It is still hard.

So, there you have it. My five most read blog posts since I’ve started this thing. I’ve written much better than most of these. Weird that these are the ones that people read.