I am a terrible typist. I make a lot of mistakes when I am writing mostly due to being a terrible typist. Most of these mistakes can be caught by Grammarly. Some of them won’t be caught by Grammarly and I am not that great at proofreading my own writing. Some of my common mistakes: … More Typos


I have the premium plan here on WordPress. I can use WordAds to earn from people reading the blog. It is pretty much useless at the level of interaction I have here. I also pay a yearly fee for the theycallmetater.com name. That is a cost I think is worthwhile. Both of these are scheduled … More Changes?

Some Medium Drama

Yesterday I saw an article on Medium entitled “Why I Am Shocked By this Move By One Particular Publication” For the most part, I have stopped reading anything like this. I’m tired of all of the posts there of people complaining about Medium. Same as I tire of people tweeting about how much they hate … More Some Medium Drama

14 Years of Blogging and an Air Conditioning Update

I have not yet received a notification from WordPress, but Timehop tells me that today is the 14th anniversary of starting this blog. Edit – just got the notification Last year when I celebrated my blogiversary I was also celebrating my 1500th post. This will be post 2095. I now have 1171 followers on WordPress. … More 14 Years of Blogging and an Air Conditioning Update

Break the Rules

Rules have been on my mind this week. It started with unwritten rules in the Juwan Howard incident. It escalated with the worst part of Medium – the torrent of articles written by Medium “experts” telling us how we are doing everything wrong. I made the mistake of clicking on Medium advice articles when first … More Break the Rules