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I’ve been thinking about posting a list of goals for 2020 but then I look back at my goals for 2019, think about how I failed at them and figure there is no point in making up new goals. I said I would keep my yearly goal…

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A Yearning For Home

I’ve lived in Maryland since the mid-90s. I’ve raised my kids in Maryland. I’ve lived in Maryland about the same amount of time I lived in Kentucky. I still consider Kentucky home. A part of me has always wanted to go back home. The past few months has really increased my yearning for home. Take…

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The End of the Snow Day

A tropical storm is passing by my area. So far all I have is steady rain, but winds are supposed to pick up soon. It should all be over by early afternoon Due to the storm, all of our branches are closed today. In the olden days, this would mean that I had a bonus…

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Saturday Rerun – Music

Two thugs in my life that have always helped me when I am down are TV and music. I’ve written a lot about music. Lists of favorites, what comes up when I shuffle the music on my phone, songs that get stuck in my head, fake band names, back stories for the fake bands, etc.…

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I’m Done Again

I never intended this blog to be so much of me talking about my problems. I meant to only write about my thoughts on the world. Current events, TV, books, etc. I did that quite a bit in the beginning with a little bit of my personal life sprinkled in. I did posts about my…

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