Death Dreams

I mentioned yesterday that it has been a high anxiety/low mood time for me. There are various outside factors that I can pinpoint as the triggers for both of those. Those factors are still there so I’m looking at probably having another week like that. To add to the fun this morning – I had … More Death Dreams

Stealing Joy

We sing a song at church with ‘Ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy” in the lyrics. The Kentucky basketball coach has said before that he wasn’t going to let people steal his joy. That phrase, mainly the song, has been in my head this morning because I have a bad habit of letting people steal … More Stealing Joy

The Winter Blahs

I love Christmas. I love the festive atmosphere. I love Christmas lights and Christmas trees. I love the time we spend with family. I love how the world seems a little kinder for a bit. I start looking forward to Christmas right after Halloween. Then Christmas is over and the winter blahs hit. The lights … More The Winter Blahs

Maybe Next Week

Today was my first Wednesday in a few weeks where I didn’t have to be somewhere at 7 am. Today was the day I was going to get back on track with writing. Instead, all I am doing is thinking about all of the things I need to do today. Instead of getting started, I’m … More Maybe Next Week

Lacking Anticipation

I’ve officially hit a time of the year where I have nothing of note to look forward to until late May. We have passed the family birthdays. My daughter’s spring break is almost over. I no longer attend the library conferences that are happening now and then again in mid-May. We don’t do anything special … More Lacking Anticipation