My Year in Blogging 2021

I only have three more writing days this year. I will do my December in books on Wednesday since I will be doing my year in books in early January. So, here are some random stats and my top five posts of the year.

Views – 20,469. That is almost 8000 more than last year.

Visitors – 9996

Top 5 Countries – Unites States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia

Top Five Posts

  1. Washington Post Best Detective Bracket – Somehow, my post about the bracket was higher than the actual bracket in the google searches, so a lot of people landed here and then navigated to the bracket from my blog.
  2. Blogging and Anxiety – In which I wrote about how anxiety affects your writing and your thoughts about people wanting to read what you write.
  3. Still Boring – A follow-up to my post about how it is hard to be a blogger when you are boring where I talk about how I am still boring and now I rarely leave the house.
  4. Government Ineptness – Maryland MVA Edition: A Bonus Tater Rant – In which I talked about the terrible experience of my daughter trying to renew her driver’s license.
  5. Let’s Talk About Jonah – This is an old post that somehow started to get a lot of views recently. I have no idea where it popped up to drive the traffic. Weird.

I had two more posts get over 100 views. My Jeopardy Guest Host Post and one on Politics and the Vaccine.

It was a good year. Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “My Year in Blogging 2021

  1. I rarely look at my stats, but your post had me go take a look. Funnily enough, I also then got a new follower who’d written on the subject of blog maintenance in order to grow audience – not something I do with any form of seriousness. It’s all been interesting and thought-provoking. Thanks Tater.

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