Politics and the Vaccine

I was going to avoid this topic, but since it is mostly what is in my head this morning, here we go. I will begin by saying that I am on the very bottom of the list of who will get the vaccine. It makes sense. I don’t have to leave the house to work. I’m 52 years old and relatively healthy. Even when I did go to work, I didn’t work with the public. I worked in a building with a small group of people with masks and distancing with an administration who has no plans to open to the public until the virus is gone. None of this is about me wanting to jump the line(though I would get the shot today if someone offered it to me). I’m not mad at the people who are getting the vaccine. You should definitely get it when it is offered.

I am tired of all of the politics involved in all of this. Constant fighting over who should be first in line. People in certain professions declaring that they should be considered essential. Pushing and shoving and shouting about being more important than others so you can get the shot first. Local jurisdictions complaining that the state won’t give them enough vaccines while the state complains that the feds aren’t giving them enough vaccines while the feds are justifying a very low vaccination goal that is basically status quo. If we are depending on politicians to save us we are all doomed.

If we base vaccinations on what jobs are declared essential we are saying industries with the most powerful lobby get to jump the line. My former industry very loudly say they are essential during funding, then very loudly said they weren’t essential when it came to opening during the pandemic and now are very loudly proclaiming they are essential again now that they want the vaccine. Can we have a rule that if you closed to the public in March and never even considered reopening regardless of the numbers that you have sacrificed your claim to essential? Especially when you even refused to consider curbside pick up of printing or any expansion of services past online programs and curbside pickup of books? Now, this might all be bitterness about how all of the issues I dealt with while there were ignored and swept under the rug. It might be me being mad that I would leave a job because of the issues and thus sacrificed a chance at a vaccination. I think most people would agree, though, that if you don’t actually work with the public and have no plan to work with the public any time soon you should not be jumping the line for the vaccine. This issue is also highlighted by the situation in Fairfax County, VA where the teachers all signed up to be first for the vaccine but then said they still wouldn’t go back to work until kids can be vaccinated. Despicable.

If we depend on politics some of us are doomed by having a governor who is positioning himself to run for president and a county executive who is positioning himself to run for governor. The day our governor scheduled a press conference to say he was opening the vaccinations to 75 and up my county executive made a big pronouncement ahead of time that he wasn’t waiting for the state and that he was opening up vaccinations to 75 up in our county. It is obvious he knew what was coming and wanted to look like the savior. Now, today, the governor has scheduled a 2pm press conference to talk about vaccinations and my county executive has scheduled one for 11am. Probably more of the same. Our vaccination pace sucks and everyone is playing political games instead of working together to speed up the process.

The vaccine schedule should have been health care workers and first responders and then all age based. Moving down the age scale as supply allows. If you don’t have enough 75 ups one day to fill the appointments, don’t hold the doses waiting for them. Call 65 ups until the slots are filled. Doses should not be on the shelf while you wait for the “right people” to sign up to get the shots. Move the vaccinations away from health departments and hospitals and into places in neighborhoods where people go to get the flu shot. It shouldn’t take people hours to figure out where to go to sign up for a vaccination. Government run vaccinations should be at mass vaccination sites run by FEMA and the military and open long hours 7 days a week. Covid doesn’t take weekends off, neither should we.

We need to stop playing politics and start worrying about saving lives.


12 thoughts on “Politics and the Vaccine

  1. I agree.

    The only issue I see is moving the vaccination out into community sites. I am not sure that is possible in the short run. The Pfizer and, I think one other vaccine, have to be kept at minus eighty degrees…those types of freezers are not easy to come by and are expensive. We have a couple at work and the local health department has already called to feel out whether we could store doses for them if needed.

    Also, the mandatory wait time and the need for true medical professionals on hand to cope with adverse reactions. Though the reactions are very rare, they seem to be fairly serious when they happen.

    I also agree that every state should have FEMA/military sites set up in multiple areas that just pump out doses. They have the resources to get the freezers and handle the logistics.

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  2. I’ve signed up with Fairfax County (the Virginia Health Dept.) and Kaiser (my insurer/medical center). I’ve gotten acknowledgments from both that I’m on their lists. So far, crickets. When I move into a new county next week, I’ll try to sign up for an appointment with them. As I understand it, they open for appointments online at noon every weekday. There’s no waiting list, it’s first come, first served until they’re gone for the day. Then you have to do it all over again the next day. That’s not a good way to get it done.

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  3. I think this is one of the more logically coherent opinions on the vaccine issue. I personally am nowhere close to the more urgent end of the list, and I have my own personal reasons for not wanting the vaccine just yet, but I totally agree that politics should be off limits in certain areas. The only way that happens, though, is if Americans start waking up a bit more and stop drinking their political parties’ respective kool-aids. As long as both parties have so much support, it will be nearly impossible to keep politics even somewhat out of the equation.

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      1. It’s all about leadership. We’ve a had a horrible drought of it in the last 50 years or so. Not even just presidents, but most elected officials. No one seems to want to step up and lead, so we get selfish people instead. The problem is that the people who should be leading are the ones who are humble enough not to run. We need to start pushing people we respect into running for office.

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  4. I just wrote a short story which took me a month to write. Bearing in mind, there is mention of anti-vaccination groups in my short story. I tried to talk about current events and mould a story about England and Scotland in an parallel universe. It mentions the other things going on in society as well.

    Please read it, I am looking forward to writing part 2 but let me know what you think https://artymarty99.wordpress.com/2021/02/28/its-okay-to-cry-tribute-to-sophie-xeno/

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