Still Boring

A while back I wrote about how it’s Hard to Be a Blogger When You’re Boring. I am reminded of that as I sit here contemplating what to write. I live in a place where everything is open at full capacity. I am fully vaccinated. Our positive percentage rate is below 1%. We have fewer than 200 people in the hospital with Covid. We are routinely reporting fewer than 100 new cases a day. Life is pretty much back to normal. Unfortunately, my normal life looks a lot like Covid life.

I rarely leave the house unless it is to walk the dog. I do my food delivery on Thursday. I go to church Sunday morning. Occasionally, I go to the library to pick up a book. I might go through the drive-thru to get a cup of coffee. That’s it.

I still have not eaten at a restaurant since March 2020. Everyone else in my family has. My son went out west to hike and camp with friends and at restaurants when in town. My wife and daughter went out to eat with my mother in law when they visited her. None of them ever show an interest in going out when they are here. We did leave the house last week to go see my son’s new condo. We did get food at a restaurant, but it was a fast food restaurant and we ate in the car because there was no indoor seating.

I was boring when I left the house every day to go to work. I’m even more boring now. I think I need to at least go have a coffee and pastry at Panera one morning while I write just to experience a little bit of my old normal. That is if I can think of something to write.

It’s hard to be a blogger when you are boring.


38 thoughts on “Still Boring

  1. Such a harsh way of looking at it methinks. I always say that I try to make the ordinary extraordinary in my blogs – and I think you do (and thus can) too. Boring is such a subjective and unnecessary term.

    If it’s good enough for you – it’s not boring, it’s grand. And if you DO want more out of life, and want that excitement…what’s stopping you from getting some?

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    1. The main thing keeping me from getting some excitement is guilt. I feel guilty when I leave everyone behind to do something for myself even though they don’t feel the same. Also, I think part of my feeling boring relates to your recent post about social media. I see all of my friends posting about going out and doing things and I feel boring in comparison.

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      1. Hmmm – that kinda sucks…
        I taught myself to save feelings of guilt until I’m actually confronted with the fact that I should feel guilty 🤣 no comments…no guilt.

        The world is a playground and all that. But honestly…boring in itself can be perfectly awesome

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      2. I just stumbled upon this post and totally feel the guilt for doing things for myself too. And I feel so boring too and desperately want to get back writing and am like “but what about? I only have like 1000 thoughts in my head but they’re all boring”. Thank you for posting this. I am going to be reading more of your stuff and getting my own writing brain back in gear!

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  2. Oh bless your heart, you’re not boring, but you do sound like you’re bored with your life as it is. One suggestion is to say “yes” to things – be they invitations, opportunities you notice. If you think “I’d like to… xxx”, then act on it. I spent one year saying yes and doing things – everything so long as it wasn’t physically dangerous, immoral or illegal – and I had great fun. Some I wouldn’t want to do again, but I had experiences, and I surely was not bored. Maybe chat to your therapist about how you could craft a similar practice.

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  3. You’re not boring! Maybe you’re just bored? I think routine is important but I also think we should schedule free time to experience new things and play around. Maybe set a goal of doing/trying 1 new thing every week or other week?

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      1. I sometimes feel guilty when I leave my family to have some fun. But often I come back a happier person precisely because I’ve taken some me time. Others in your house may actually benefit from it. Something to consider at least. Wishing you well Tater 🙏

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      2. Do you feel guilty, or do you not want to do things alone? Do you feel it would nice if other members of your household were to do things with you – things you like to do but which they’re not that keen on doing? For example, I attend military shows with Himself despite finding it all deathly dull – he enjoys them more when he has company and, since the death of his best friend, if I don’t go, he doesn’t either. In return, he does things which I like but he doesn’t – like going to art galleries and watching rugby. Do you do things with them which you’re not interested in? If so, and it’s not reciprocated, then it’s time for that conversation to be had. If you don’t, then maybe you all need to work out how to get a to and fro thing going.

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  4. We have been working on getting out of the house more. This past weekend was so busy, I need a weekend to recover from it. There’s something to be said for leading a quiet life. Enjoy what you’re doing in the moment.

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  5. That’s a shame for you. Good luck with building a practice of doing stuff you like alone, and I’m sure you’ll meet other people who share a liking for the same things in due course, although online hobby forums are great if you want to accelerate the process.

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  6. I am walking with a new person this evening. It was posted on social media in our area and I need someone to walk with. I volunteered and felt proud of myself as I took the plunge. I hope I like the person.

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  7. Last week (it was, wasn’t it?), you took an excursion in the morning and had a good time. Why not do short excursions as part of your research for blog ideas? You could try to do this once a week, or every couple of weeks. Your family can join you or not, as they wish. But I’d do it during the week, when they’re otherwise occupied. No need to feel guilty because it’s work-related. Just a thought.

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      1. Take a drive out my way and take a walk on the Appalachian Trail. There’s a public entrance just a bit down the road a piece from my house. I’m not much of a hiker, but we could go for lunch in a restaurant in Front Royal. So now you’ve had an invitation to do something solitary as well as in company.

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