My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 2/7/20

This week seems like a blur. I had to consult last week’s post to see what I said was on deck to remember what I watched this week.

Movies – We watched one new movie and two old movies this week. Sunday while waiting for the Super Bowl to start I searched for a football movie to watch. I was surprised there weren’t some on TV that day. There was also no Groundhog Day to watch. We finally settled on Necessary Roughness with Scott Bakula and Sinbad from 1991. I had never actually watched it. It was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It reminded me of The Replacements. We still had time after that so we ended up watching The Mighty Ducks. The new movie we watched was Gemini Man. It is the Will Smith movie where he is a hitman being hunted by what turns out to be a younger version of him. I am a big Will Smith fan, but this movie was not very good. I spent the whole movie playing a game on my iPad.

TV –  The week started with the big TV event of the week, the Super Bowl. I already wrote about that here.  The other big Tv event we watched was the finale of The Good Place. The Good Place is one of the best shows that has been on TV in a while. I was sad to see it go. The finale was a very good ending for the show even if it was not as funny as you would expect for a sitcom finale. If you have not watched the show, go do it now. I feel like I watched a lot of TV this week, but my DVR is still reaching crisis levels. I guess I should skip cleaning the kitchen today and watch more TV.

Books – I finished one book this week – Redshirts by John Scalzi. I read this for my book club at work. Sometimes even when the books are good the book club books sometimes feel like work because I have to read them. This one did not. It was a fast read. It was funny. It had an interesting story. It will appeal to everyone, even people who don’t read sci-fi or watch Star Trek. Highly recommend!

On Deck = We have Rambo: Last Blood on DVD. My wife is very excited about it. I don’t think any new TV starts this week, at least none that I will watch. I will watch the first episode of Indebted that was on last night because I like Adam Pally and Steven Weber. I’m forcing my wat through The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose because it is for my personal book club and I don’t want to break my streak of reading al of the books even if I don’t like them. I also started listening to Boar Island by Nevada Barr because I need to finish it for another book club at work. I have a lot of assigned reading these days.


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      1. 😂 It happens to the best of us! I loved the movie Taxi with Jimmy Fallon and I’m pretty sure it was considered the most awful and ridiculous waste of time by everyone elses standards!

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