Tater Talks Multiverse

This post will probably be a little dumb. It’s been in my head all morning and I resisted writing it but it must be in my head for a reason. I am a big fan of the Marvel movies and the DC TV shows. We recently watched the latest DC crossover that dealt with the possible destruction of the multiple earths that exist. Both DC and Marvel have had time travel and the possibility of multiple timelines. I do not believe any of this actually exists. What follows is not me saying I believe in any of this. It’s more fictional reasoning behind feelings I’ve had.

I once had a very vivid dream that I appeared on a reality TV show. It was so vivid that it really felt like I had been on the show.  I would watch the show and part of me would feel like I had been there and knew what they were dealing with. It seemed so real that sometimes I was afraid I would talk about it like it was real and people would think I was insane. It’s not quite as vivid now years later, but it still feels a little real.

About a year ago on a tennis court in Orlando, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace like I had never felt before. Like there was something about that place that felt like I belonged. Like everything was OK because I was there.

I have written here about my struggles with my daily life. I’ve had thoughts enter my head recently of a reality where my wife agrees that I should quit my job, take the rest of the year off to rest my mind and then in 2021 determine my next step. Of course, the hope is that we would realize we don’t need my salary and I stay at home or that I find a way to make money at home, but the important part was that I was going to turn in my letter of resignation that day. It felt so real that it was almost surprising when it didn’t happen.

The thought that popped in my head this morning and wouldn’t leave – what if the dream wasn’t a dream but a glimpse of Earth 2 Tater? What if the feeling in Orlando means that another Tater has a history there? What if there is an alternate timeline where I did quit my job? What if the vivid dreams we have are worlds colliding? All of these alternate versions of my life running side by side and occasionally crossing close enough that I get a glimpse? Do the other Taters see parts of my life?

And now it has gone from head to blog and I have to go to work while alternate Tater stays home.


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