What’s on TV Tonight(9/28/18)

I watched two new shows last night: A Million Little Things and New Amsterdam. I watched A Million Little Things because I like a lot of the cast. I didn’t really want to get sucked in to a drama, but I knew there was a good chance I would. I was right. The basic plot – one of four friends commits suicide and the others and their families are left behind to deal with it. With a lesser cast, it probably would not have sucked me in. I will be sticking around. New Amsterdam is a medical show. I’m a sucker for a good medical show. This one is decent,  but could get old fast. I think The Resident does a much better job with the “doctor battles profit hungry hospital leaders to save patients” thing.  I would recommend both shows with the warning that I’m not sure I will stick with both for an entire season. Now, the Friday lineup for boring people like me who will be home on a Friday night.

ABC: A documentary on Jonestown and 20/20

We have to wait another week for the new version of TGIF. I am tempted to record the Jonestown thing. It could be interesting.

CBS: MacGyver at 8, Hawaii 5-0 at 9 and Blue Bloods at 10

My wife watches the first two. I watch Blue Bloods. None of them are ground breaking television, but they are good at what they do.

CW: Nothing new again,

FOX: Last Man Standing is back at 8 followed by The Cool Kids at 8:30 and Hell’s Kitchen at 9.

I watched Last Man Standing when it was on ABC and liked it. I will watch it now that it is on FOX. I don’t see it as a “Trump friendly” show. Tim Allen’s character is a conservative, but I don’t see that as a reason to not watch the show. I will try The Cool Kids just because I like the cast, but I’m not optimistic it will be any good.

NBC: Another chance to watch the pilots of Manifest and New Amsterdam and then Dateline at 10.

I will have my weekly review tomorrow for the books and movies part of my week…maybe.

10 thoughts on “What’s on TV Tonight(9/28/18)

  1. Ok. I watched a million little things too….without giving away too much….do you think the sort of twist we learn towards the end was too much?


  2. I watched HGTV last night, my fallback background TV, until Murphy Brown came on. I’m not sure about it. I think I’ll try to remember it’s on for a few more weeks. Then I watched a bit of SWAT, which didn’t capture my attention.

    A Million Little Things seems like the Big Chill for a new generation, only going on forever. I loved the Big Chill, fabulous cast. But I’m not interested in revisiting those themes set in the current times. I might try to watch the Cool Kids, but the trailers have not been promising. I feel like I’m at that awkward age, outside the prime demographic but not happy about what’s offered for my demographic.

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  3. What’s the name of the Jonestown doco? I mean, I’ve seen every one they’ve put out so far (and I’ve recorded an entire album whose centerpiece is the full 45-minute death tape, which is freely available at archive dot org), as well as at least three different dramatizations, but you know

    (one of my very very few distinct memories of my early TV watching is that I was home sick from school on November 18, 1978–and I was home sick from school less than a dozen days during the entire 12 years, so that was already monumental–and the news broke into whatever game show I was watching and I saw the whole damn thing live on my family room couch)


    1. whoa–sudden realization that calls everything into question in my swiss cheese brain–I just looked it up, and November 18 was actually a Saturday, so I wasn’t home sick, I was just watching cartoons, the way you do. or did, before they were on demand.

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