It’s Another TV Post

Most of the new shows have aired and the schedules are pretty much the same as last week, so I won’t be doing a full “What’s on Tonight” post anymore. Otherwise, it would be all I posted all season long. Instead, I will so a short write-up on the days a new show airs.

There are two premieres tonight. Both comedies on CBS at 8 and 8:30. The first is The Neighborhood – a comedy about a white family moving in to an all black neighborhood. It has had a few decent reviews, but I probably wouldn’t watch if it didn’t have such a good cast. I feel like Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer might be able to make a shaky premise funny. The second is Happy Together – a comedy about a famous pop star moving in with his accountant and his wife. It is loosely based on Harry Styles living in a producer’s attic for two years. It’s had bad reviews and I likely wouldn’t watch if not for the cast. I really like Damon Wayans Jr and Amber Stevens West so I’m hoping it will be better than I’m expecting.

I did watch a couple of new shows over the weekend. FBI was decent for what it is – a procedural from Dick Wolf. A decent cast and nothing glaringly terrible. I will watch with  my wife, but wouldn’t cafe if I missed an episode. The Cool Kids is the first new show I’ve watched that I will declare as terrible and not worth your time. It is set in a retirement community and has a great  cast – Vicki Lawrence, Martin Mull, David Allen Grier and Leslie Jordan – but it was really bad. Sometimes I can watch a bad pilot and see potential. Even with the great cast, I see no potential here. It seems they think they can sustain an entire show off the “people like sassy old people’ premise. It’s not enough.

What’s on TV Tonight(9/28/18)

I watched two new shows last night: A Million Little Things and New Amsterdam. I watched A Million Little Things because I like a lot of the cast. I didn’t really want to get sucked in to a drama, but I knew there was a good chance I would. I was right. The basic plot – one of four friends commits suicide and the others and their families are left behind to deal with it. With a lesser cast, it probably would not have sucked me in. I will be sticking around. New Amsterdam is a medical show. I’m a sucker for a good medical show. This one is decent,  but could get old fast. I think The Resident does a much better job with the “doctor battles profit hungry hospital leaders to save patients” thing.  I would recommend both shows with the warning that I’m not sure I will stick with both for an entire season. Now, the Friday lineup for boring people like me who will be home on a Friday night.

ABC: A documentary on Jonestown and 20/20

We have to wait another week for the new version of TGIF. I am tempted to record the Jonestown thing. It could be interesting.

CBS: MacGyver at 8, Hawaii 5-0 at 9 and Blue Bloods at 10

My wife watches the first two. I watch Blue Bloods. None of them are ground breaking television, but they are good at what they do.

CW: Nothing new again,

FOX: Last Man Standing is back at 8 followed by The Cool Kids at 8:30 and Hell’s Kitchen at 9.

I watched Last Man Standing when it was on ABC and liked it. I will watch it now that it is on FOX. I don’t see it as a “Trump friendly” show. Tim Allen’s character is a conservative, but I don’t see that as a reason to not watch the show. I will try The Cool Kids just because I like the cast, but I’m not optimistic it will be any good.

NBC: Another chance to watch the pilots of Manifest and New Amsterdam and then Dateline at 10.

I will have my weekly review tomorrow for the books and movies part of my week…maybe.

What’s On TV Tonight(9/27/18)

I worked until 9 last night and then watched the premiere of Survivor. Before work I watched Mr Mercedes because I realized I only have a week to watch 6 more episodes before the DVD is due. So. I didn’t have a lot of time for new shows yesterday. I did watch Single Parents after Survivor last night. It has a very good cast and looks like it will be added to my weekly watch list. The basic plot is what the title says – a group of single parents who form a support group to help each other deal with the stress of being a single parent. It made me laugh and that’s what a sit-com should do. You will hear a lot about the more name stars in the cast, but I thought the funniest was the random 20 something guy with a baby who somehow ends up hanging out with the older parents of elementary school kids. Now on to tonight:

ABC: A two-hour Grey’s Anatomy followed by How to Get Away With Murder

I still love Grey’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it. As I said in an old blog post, I don’t believe in the concept of a guilty pleasure. Nothing that is “pleasure” should make you guilty unless it is immoral or illegal. Ted Bundy had a guilty pleasure. I do not. I watched part of the first season of HTGAWM and couldn’t make myself care enough to finish it.

CBS: Big Bang, Young Sheldon, Mom, Murphy Brown and SWAT

Why are Big Bang and Young Sheldon on again? Seems lazy, CBS. I’ve seen episodes of Mom here and there but never felt I liked it enough to watch regularly. I’m happy about the return of Murphy Brown. I was a fan when it was on before. I like the Jake McDorman(playing her now adult son) but wish he was on TV because Limitless was not canceled. I do enjoy SWAT more than I expected.

CW: Still nothing new.

FOX: Thursday night football

I might watch some of the game when i get to the point where I’m tired of focusing on a show.

NBC: An hour-long Good Place at 8 followed by a 2 hour Law and Order SVU.

The Good Place is possibly the best comedy on TV right now. I’m very happy it is back tonight. Go catch up on Netflix now! I’ve never watched SVU so I won’t start now.

I see nothing of note on cable.

What’s on TV Tonight(9/26/18)

I will get to tonight’s schedule in a minute, but first thoughts on two shows. First, the new show Manifest. This is the one where people on a plane land and discover they’ve been missing and presumed dead for five years. They have to deal with life going on without them for those years and some supernatural stuff happening to them. I don’t really want to get invested in a show like this. I get bored when there is a central mystery that never gets solved, but it was good enough for me to give it a couple of more episodes. Next – the Riggs-less Lethal Weapon. I liked it. It’s not the same show, but that is a good thing. Making the new character too much like Riggs would have been a mistake. Seann William Scott is good in the role and it’s good to see Maggie Lawson in anything. I will continue watching. Now on to tonight.

ABC: Four comedies – Goldbergs, American Housewife, Modern Family and Single Parents followed by A Million Little Things at 10.

I think American Housewife is one of the best of the recent comedies. I still watch Modern Family even though it isn’t as good as it used to be. I’ve never watched the Goldbergs. Single Parents has been well reviewed and I like the cast, so I will watch. I do like a good sit-com. I normally wouldn’t watch a show like A Million Little Things, but the cast is good enough for me to give it a shot. We will see if they can make me stick with a show like this.

CBS: Survivor! and then the finale of Big Brother.

I love Survivor. Before I started working on Wednesday nights it was the only show I would watch live. It will be different for me this year. For a long time, Wednesday night Survivor night has been daddy/daughter time. We would pop popcorn and watch Survivor together, either live or delayed, pick our favorites and discuss strategy. My daughter is away at college, so now I will be watching alone. I guess I will see if it is still as fun that way.

CW: Still no new season. A new episode of a summer show called Burden of Truth.

FOX; Empire at 8. Star at 9.

I’ve never watched these shows and have nothing I could say about them.

NBC: One  Chicago night. Med at 8. Fire at 9. PD at 10.

It makes sense for these shows to all be on the same night, but will it help or hurt ratings? Will people who watch live tire of Chicago if it is all in one night? I guess we will see. We only watch Fire. I wasn’t expecting to like it, but here I am.

Cable: American Horror Story, South Park and Bojack seem to be the highlights. Three shows I’ve never watched.