What’s On TV Tonight(9/27/18)

I worked until 9 last night and then watched the premiere of Survivor. Before work I watched Mr Mercedes because I realized I only have a week to watch 6 more episodes before the DVD is due. So. I didn’t have a lot of time for new shows yesterday. I did watch Single Parents after Survivor last night. It has a very good cast and looks like it will be added to my weekly watch list. The basic plot is what the title says – a group of single parents who form a support group to help each other deal with the stress of being a single parent. It made me laugh and that’s what a sit-com should do. You will hear a lot about the more name stars in the cast, but I thought the funniest was the random 20 something guy with a baby who somehow ends up hanging out with the older parents of elementary school kids. Now on to tonight:

ABC: A two-hour Grey’s Anatomy followed by How to Get Away With Murder

I still love Grey’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it. As I said in an old blog post, I don’t believe in the concept of a guilty pleasure. Nothing that is “pleasure” should make you guilty unless it is immoral or illegal. Ted Bundy had a guilty pleasure. I do not. I watched part of the first season of HTGAWM and couldn’t make myself care enough to finish it.

CBS: Big Bang, Young Sheldon, Mom, Murphy Brown and SWAT

Why are Big Bang and Young Sheldon on again? Seems lazy, CBS. I’ve seen episodes of Mom here and there but never felt I liked it enough to watch regularly. I’m happy about the return of Murphy Brown. I was a fan when it was on before. I like the Jake McDorman(playing her now adult son) but wish he was on TV because Limitless was not canceled. I do enjoy SWAT more than I expected.

CW: Still nothing new.

FOX: Thursday night football

I might watch some of the game when i get to the point where I’m tired of focusing on a show.

NBC: An hour-long Good Place at 8 followed by a 2 hour Law and Order SVU.

The Good Place is possibly the best comedy on TV right now. I’m very happy it is back tonight. Go catch up on Netflix now! I’ve never watched SVU so I won’t start now.

I see nothing of note on cable.

2 thoughts on “What’s On TV Tonight(9/27/18)

  1. I confess, I didn’t watch any of the ABC comedies last night. I looked at the plot summaries on the digital guide and said meh. I watched quite a bit of the first season of the Good Place (maybe the whole thing), but I found I didn’t want to continue with the second. You’re not the only one who thinks this is the best comedy on TV. Perhaps I should binge the first two seasons. I might not have been in the right frame of mind when it was first showing.


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