Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/28/21

New show alert! The one premiere of a new show this week is tonight. It’s La Brea on NBC. One of the ones I was looking forward to. I will have a review up at some point tomorrow. Here is the rest of the schedule.


8pm – Bachelor in Paradise – 3 hours. That seems like a lot.


It’s FBI night. We watch the mothership. We recorded Most Wanted last season, but have most of the season still on the DVR. Once my wife returns we will give International a try.

8pm – FBI

9PM – FBI: International

10PM – FBI: Most Wanted


8pm – Stargirl

9pm – Supergirl – We are nearing the end. I likely won’t see the end until Christmas break.


8pm – The Resident – I watched live last week so I wouldn’t be spoiled on how they wrote Emily VanCamp out of the show. They didn’t. She was off screen at a “spa day” for her character. I’m afraid they might drag it out for a while.

9pm – Our Kind of People – you can read my review here



8pm – The Voice – I watched a few minutes of this last night before I started MNF to see how Ariana Grande was on the show. She was as good as I expected. The trio of Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton are good together.

9pm – La Brea – a sinkhole opens in LA. The people who fall in find themselves in a weird, dinosaur-filled world while the others try to figure out what happened. You can watch the first five minutes here

10pm – New Amsterdam – waiting for my wife before I start this season.

Various Non-Streaming Options

Vanderpump Rules on Bravo at 9.

Deadliest Catch on Discovery at 7 and 8.

Beat Bobby Flay on Food Network at 9.

Good Bones on HGTV at 8 and 9 followed by House Hunters.


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