Tater on TV: Our Kind of People

Our Kind of People aired on FOX last night at 9pm. I watched it live which might have been a mistake because I might have been too tired to remember everything. I thought about rewatching it this morning but decided to stick with my first impression instead.

The Premise

The show centers on Angela, a Black single mom with a haircare business who decides to move to the elite community of Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Angela soon discovers a secret about her past that just might change her position and shake up her life and this influential community forever.

Tater’s Thoughts

Our Kind of People has all of the hallmarks of a soap. Angela never met her dad but she knows he is wealthy and from one of the Bluffs famiies. She wants to use connections at the Bluffs to build her hair care business. There is a lot of conflict between Angela and the wealthy people in charge, particularly Leah, who is from one prestigious family and married into another. Their daughters also fight. It is a standard prime time soap.

The cast is very good. They do the most possible with the material given. The plot moves quickly. By the end of the first episode we might already know who the dad is. Much of the show takes place at fancy parties and galas. It’s beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes in beautiful places yelling at each other.

I’m a little confused about the episode count. I can’t tell if it is five episodes and done or five episodes are ordered, but there could be more. That will make a big difference in plotting.

All in all I found it a little forgettable. I might give it another episode.


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