HermitCon 2020

Last year I had several days home alone. This is the fake schedule I posted for myself. I think I probably followed it pretty closely. Had I known what was coming I would have spent less time at home and more time out. I guess the lesson of the last year is to take the opportunity now to do things. You never know what is around the corner.

HermitCon 2020 is just my way of saying that my wife is leaving today to visit her mom. My daughter is still away at college and my son still lives in his own place. So, at some point today,  I will have hours completely alone. I always say I want to be a hermit, but  I don’t want to be a real hermit. I still want my family around. I still want to see friends on occasion.  I just don’t want to spend my days around the public. I want to be in my house until I choose to leave my house. Anyway, HermitCon 2020 starts today. Here is the likely schedule:


  •  9-5 Suffer through 8 hours at work while dreaming of the possibility of quitting and becoming a semi-hermit
  • 5-5:30 drive home while yelling at the dumb drivers around me
  • 5:30-6 change clothes, take out the trash
  • 6-6:30 possibly take the dog for a walk
  • 6:30 – 9 eat leftovers. watch TV shows no one else in the family watches in an attempt to clear space on the DVR.
  • 9-10 – watch the Alex Karev farewell episode of Grey’s Anatomy
  • 10-? watch more TV until I fall asleep


  • 6:30 approximate time my dog will wake me up
  • 6:30-7:30 drink coffee and read the newspaper
  • 7:30-8 shower, put on real clothes
  • 8-9 go get breakfast out while reading my book
  • 9-9:30 grocery store
  • 9:30-11 do some cleaning so I don’t feel like a total slacker
  • 11 put in a load of laundry
  • 11-1 watch TV and eat lunch
  • 1-? watch Atlanta Braves spring training baseball while folding laundry
  • after baseball consider watching a movie but probably nap
  • 6 – consider using my Chipotle gift card but likely eat at home instead
  • 6-? watch TV and/or read until I fall asleep on the couch


  • 6:30 approximate time my dog will wake me up
  • 6:30 – 9 eat, drink coffee, read the newspaper, get ready for work
  • 10-6 suffer through another 8 hours at work
  • 6-6:30 nice drive home in no traffic
  • 6:30-8 watch the UK basketball game I recorded while at work
  • 8-? watch TV/movie/basketball until I fall asleep on the couch


  • 6:30 approximate time my dog will wake me up
  • 6:30-9 drink coffee, read the newspaper, get ready for church
  • 9:30-10:30 church
  • 10:30 – 12 watch more TV
  • 12 – ? watch basketball and read until I get bored or take a nap,  possibly take the dog for a walk
  • ? – wife returns and HermitCon ends

As you can see, I have a pretty full schedule.

Edit – I’ve just been told that HermitCon goes through Monday. So, add more watching TV Sunday night and another bad day at work Monday before the end.

4 thoughts on “HermitCon 2020

  1. That’s an awfully rigid schedule, don’t you think? Hahahahahaha.

    This is an interesting look for the blog. The type’s easy to read, and the background color is soothing. I like the clean look.

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  2. Throw in something different like taking an odd route on way to breakfast at a diner or coffee somewhere other than home. Pick some scratch off lottery tickets and see if you have a winner. Take a walk, make an interesting dinner or order out from someplace only you like since no one else is at home. Enjoy hermit con.

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