Forever a Misfit

This has been in my head all week. I figure I need to write it so I can move past it. I could opt not to post it, but unless it is complete crap(more so than the usual crap I post) I likely will. I realized recently that as much as I love volunteering at … More Forever a Misfit

Seasonal Friends

The above is from I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. iCarly was wrapping and she was afraid that her friendship with Miranda would turn out to be just a show friendship that would fade when they no longer worked together. It got me thinking about friendships again and how pretty much all of … More Seasonal Friends

A Lazy Week

This is my third week in a row where I am home alone for at least three days. My wife was in Austin, Kansas City, and now Charlotte for work. The last two weeks I worked at the barn, I went to a lunch and learn at the barn, I did yard work, and I … More A Lazy Week

Talking to Animals

On the same topic as yesterday – I spend more time talking to animals these days than I do talking to people. I thought about this last night when my dog wanted to go out during Survivor and I was telling her how had her timing was. I tell Abigail, the goat, that she’s being … More Talking to Animals