The End of the Snow Day

A tropical storm is passing by my area. So far all I have is steady rain, but winds are supposed to pick up soon. It should all be over by early afternoon Due to the storm, all of our branches are closed today. In the olden days, this would mean that I had a bonus day off. I could watch storm coverage while having some coffee, read a book, take a nap. If it was a snow day I would have plenty of time to shovel snow. I’ve written about how much I love snow days:

(Missing Snowmageddon

Keeping My Snow Days Special

Why I Want a Snow Day

The Serenity of a Snow Day

In the past, it was a nice time to play in the snow with my kids. Recently, it was more of the above. Just an unforced break to relax. Today is the signal that snow days are over. We have obviously been doing more remote work since March and that has continued as we opened for curbside pickup. It makes sense that we would continue that even with curbside pickup closed due to weather. I’m going to be really sad this winter when we have a snowstorm and I don’t get my snow day.



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