A Yearning For Home

I’ve lived in Maryland since the mid-90s. I’ve raised my kids in Maryland. I’ve lived in Maryland about the same amount of time I lived in Kentucky. I still consider Kentucky home. A part of me has always wanted to go back home.

The past few months has really increased my yearning for home. Take a pandemic and being forced to stay at home. Mix in being profoundly unhappy at work. Add in a little eventually both of your kids will live away from home. It’s a recipe for needing a serious change in your life. For me, part of that is a strong desire to be back home.

There a several reasons for that.

A small town seems a better place to be during a pandemic that thrives in crowded locations.

I miss being close enough to see my siblings on a regular basis.

I fit in more in small town Kentucky than I do in suburbia.

I’m always happier when I am in Kentucky.

I could buy a house much cheaper than my house in Maryland.

This would probably mean I could retire early and just relax and enjoy life.

There are two big reasons I ignore all of the good reasons to make the move:

My wife will never leave Maryland.

My kids are pretty much settled here and for them this is home.

So, I will ignore my yearnings for home. I will figure out how to be happier where I am. I will keep trying to convince my wife that I should “retire” now. I will go home as much as I can whenever it is safe to do so. This would be aided by convincing my wife that I should quit my job.

Maryland is where my family is and regardless of my yearnings, that means that this is home.


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