Tater Takes on Some Current Events

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about stuff in the news. Here are some thoughts:

Kathy Griffin: Griffin recently posed  holding up a bloody head resembling that of President Donald Trump. Griffin issued an apology after almost everyone agreed that it was disgusting, inappropriate and possibly criminal(threats on a president’s life is a federal crime). She has since been fired from CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. I agree with almost everyone else that this was disgusting, inappropriate and possible criminal. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I throw up in my mouth a little every time I have to type the words. This does not mean I support anyone who would even joke about his assassination. Regardless of how you feel about him, he is a human being with a family. How would you feel if someone posed with a bloody head resembling one of your loved ones? Or posted on social media that they hoped you died? Get some perspective.

Portland’s Burritos: There was a recent article in the Washington Post about a Portland burrito cart that was forced to shut down because people were angry that two white women had “stolen culture for profit and gain.” Someone even created a Google doc listing all of the white owned restaurants “that have appropriated cuisines outside their own culture.” They even singled out a place called Voodoo Donuts for “profiting off a religion thought to combine African, Catholic and Native American traditions.” This is all ridiculous. Portland has lost its mind.  As a friend put it on Facebook, “Whatever happened to the concept of “melting pot?” White people aren’t allowed to learn from other cultures? A white person who loves Mexican food and can cook it isn’t allowed to open a restaurant? Is a person from Mexico allowed to own a pizza shop? Should we shut down hot dog stands not run by white people? Dumb.

Sports: The Wizards are out of the NBA playoffs. The Caps are out of the NHL playoffs(not that I’m a hockey fan), the Braves are bad again, the annoying Nats are in first place and we are far away from football season.  I get the Post so this down sports time is filled with whiny Nat’s coverage. Wah, little Brycey got hit by a pitch. Wah, little Brycey got suspended for charging the mound. Wah, wah, wah. They are the whiniest bunch of baseball people. They don’t deserve a good team. These are the same columnists that spent years bitching about John Wall and trying to run him out of town because he couldn’t single handedly turn their crappy basketball team around. Now that hey are winning they love him.  As soon as they have a bad stretch they will hate him again. Is it football season yet?

Weather: This month has 31 days. It has rained on almost all of them. I can’t find the actual number, but I’m pretty sure it is over 25 days of rain this month, Enough already. I need the sun.

Donald Trump: Still a bad president. Still possibly colluded with Russia. Still tweeting stupid stuff.

3 thoughts on “Tater Takes on Some Current Events

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