Tater’s Take on Some News of the Week

  1. Starbucks is Less Rewarding If You Are Cheap: People are furious that Starbucks is changing the rewards program. This is a program they don’t have to offer, giving you rewards you don’t deserve and you are angry? If you buy what I buy, it actually works out about the same as before. If you buy food, you might come out ahead. It only goes bad for you if you are only buying a regular cup of coffee. If you are only buying a regular cup of coffee, you are already losing because you are paying too much for over-roasted coffee. Go to 7-11. They have a drink reward system that would work for you.
  2. Librarian of Congress: President Obama has nominated Dr Carla Hayden of Enoch Pratt to be the next Librarian of Congress. It’s great that he has selected an actual librarian for the job. I’ve never met Dr. Hayden, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about her. I think she is a great choice. Unfortunately, when I see Dr. Hayden I only think of her appearances on the mess of a Saturday morning news show on WBAL where she does book recommendations. She’s not horrible, but I’ve often thought that there are probably other area librarians who would be much better than her. Also, she rarely recommends a book I would want to read. Maybe I can take her slot when she moves on.
  3. The Election: Jeb! is out.Jeb! and Cooper Manning need to start a support group for brothers of more successful people. Oompa Loompa American Donald Trump is still winning meaning America is closer to losing. Clinton says she has never lied, proving she can’t help lying even when talking about lying. Evil Eddie Munster seems to be fading behind Robot Rubio, so there is a positive to report.
  4. Justice Waffling: McConnell and the Republicans were fine with Reagan nominating Kennedy late in his term, but now think it’s a bad thing. Biden used to think nominating someone in an election year was bad but now it’s fine. Is anyone surprised that politicians waffle on the issues? Why do we keep electing people like McConnell? We reap what we sow. Also, mmm waffles.
  5. The Uber Killer:  A man went on a killing spree in Michigan recently. All of the news reports lead with the fact that he was an Uber driver, like that had anything to do with the killings. Would you lead with his job if he was a librarian or a banker? I think the news is in the pocket of Big Taxi.

I thought doing the writing challenge would make me write more. This is my first post in six days. I need to jot things down as I watch the news. It might make these posts a little better and I might write more. I’m a bad blogger.


Link or it didn’t happen

Like every other obsessed Kentucky basketball fan, I have been following the firing of Billy Gillispie and the search for a new UK basketball coach. One place I look for information is The Cat’s Pause message boards. One phrase I keep seeing in the board is “link or it didn’t happen”. As with most people of the internet generation, the people on the board believe that if it is not being reported on the internet, it is not real news. One such posting of the phrase was after someone posted something they heard live on the local news. I’ve been told that event this has to be based on information given over a computer in some way. I disagree. There is still journalism happening in the world that does not have it’s base in the internet, email or anything more sophisticated than a telephone. Here is the most likely scenario for the story heard on the news:

Local reporter with ties to university has friends on staff as sources. Source hears information the coach will be fired. Source calls local reporter to tell him. He alerts producers who break into live news broadcast to report the news. Notice the absence of the internet? I’m sure this type of reporting goes on all the time. Of course, eventually, there will be a link once the story is typed up and posted on the station’s website. The lack of the link during the live broadcast does not make the news any less real. I would be more likely to believe that story than the hundreds of internet rumors that pop up every day. These rumors have links that can be shared, but this doesn’t make them true. At least the reporters for the most part will actually verify the story before running it. Anyone with a computer can make up a story. Just having a link doesn’t mean it happened anymore than no link means it didn’t.