Tater Talks the Crazy Disney Mom Rant

Apparently, some ridiculous person ranted online recently about childless millennials at Disney, saying they should be banned.  The rant was brought on by her kid crying because she told him the pretzel line was too long. It seems she blames one woman she calls “a cunt in slutty shorts” for being in line without kids. This “tramp”, according to the crazy woman, was entirely to blame for this situation. This person took to Facebook to rant about people without kids being at the park and wants them banned so she doesn’t have to wait in line. Perhaps Disney should ban asshats who call people cunts, tramps and sluts from Disney. That would go a long way toward making it the happiest place on Earth again.

I went to Disney and Universal with my family in January. The ages of the people in our party at the time of the trip were 49, 48, 22 and 18. I’m sure we were in plenty of lines in front of people with kids. I’m sure we used our Fastpass to pass plenty of people with kids. I saw people there who were younger couples with no kids. They were probably in line in front of people with kids. Guess what? I don’t feel bad about that at all. I might go back to Disney someday without my adult children. My adult children might go to Disney without kids. They might never be parents. They still have every right to be at Disney World. They paid the same money you did to get there. You aren’t special because you have a kid. You just proved in your rant that any asshole can have a kid. Yes, Disney World is a family place, but guess what? There are many definitions of family. Family does not mean the cookie-cutter mom, dad and 2.5 kids with a white picket fence. A childless couple, regardless of age, is a family. They might choose not to have kids. They might not be able to have kids. Whatever the reason, they are still a family and you aren’t better than them because you gave birth. I know it is hard to be at Disney with a cranky kid. I’ve done it multiple times. I’ve never reacted by demanding people be banned from the park. That’s some self-entitled bullshit right there.

But, let’s say we go that direction. I have some places to ban you and your cranky kid.

Kids should be banned from all but fast-food restaurants. My sit down meal should be ruined by you loud kid.

Kids should be banned from airplanes. I can’t sleep when your kid is screaming.

Kids should be banned from all other amusement parks besides Disney. You have your family place. We get the rest.

No more kids in bars. That’s just dumb.

If you agree to all of the above, I will entertain your thoughts on banning people without kids from Disney.

Mueller Report Release Day in Trump GIFS

Me when you say you have an opinion on the report


When you say you know what’s in the report without reading it.


When you say we can trust the AG’s opinion on the report.


When you claim you are going to read the entire report


What I know you will look like when “reading” the report.


How I know people will look when they see I posted this.


Thank you and


A Quick Tater Note on the News

I’ve run out of time to write this morning as I actually slept to a reasonable time instead of waking up way too early. My planned post for today might come on Saturday now that I will be sitting on the couch instead of outside due to rain.

Yesterday, I wrote about the explosive devices being sent to various locations while watching the breaking news. When Trump finally spoke about the situation he called for unity. Anyone who believed he really wants unity is the voter who will go to the polls and vote R no matter whose name is on the ticket. They are the people who yell “Fake news!” whenever there ate negative stories about Trump(an everyday thing). If he really wanted unity, he wouldn’t be tweeting now about how the “fake news” is to blame for the situation. The people he calls fake news were one of the potential victims. Now, the president of the United States is blaming that victim for the situation. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. He will never admit that it’s possible that his calling the media the enemy of the people and encouraging violence at his rallies could possibly be part of the problem. Unfortunately, his supporters will never believe this either. It’s no longer a political party. It’s more like a cult.

It’s very important for reasonable people to take the time to vote this year. It’s time to take our country back.

Tater Talks Today’s Explosive News

I am at home this morning and following the news of the bombs being intercepted. Earlier in the week there was one sent to George Soros. Today there is news that the Secret Service has intercepted suspicious packages to the Clintons, the Obamas and the White House. I’m watching live reports on CNN of their NYC headquarters being evacuated due to a suspicious package. You have to assume there might be more out there targeting others. The hope is that if there are more, they will be found and neutralized before there are injuries or death. Days like this are bad enough in general, but especially bad when you have friends and family who work in government offices in and near DC.

The bombs are enough of a sign that the world is a terrible place. The responses are just as bad. When the reports first started coming out about the Clinton and Obama bombs people were jumping on Facebook to laugh about it and post comments saying they wished they would have let them blow up. Those who weren’t wishing for the death of people because they don’t share their political views were either placing blame on others or calling it fake news. I’m sure there are people out there saying they wish the White House had blown up. I’ve already seen comments from people saying the White House bomb is either fake news or the “conservatives” sending it to throw off the investigation in to their attempts to blow up the liberals. On Twitter I saw people who seemed OK with CNN blowing up. I’m sure others would say the same about FOX News.

How did we get here? How did we get to a point where we would want people dead because we disagree with them? When did we stop caring about other people unless they agree with us? We should not be cheering or laughing about the attempt to murder people. If you are someone who is cheering or laughing about a murder attempt, you have serious issues. We need to find a way to get back to the point when we can have different opinions and still not wish the other person dead. Why is that so hard?

Tater Takes on Several Topics

I thought about writing a long post on some of these, but never had the time nor the energy for it, so here are short thoughts on a few topics.

Religion – A lot of people from my hometown have been posting angrily about people complaining about prayer at the high school football game. Apparently, the prayer comes over the PA system which means it is school sponsored. There have been several comments saying the people should leave if they don’t like it. Leave the school, leave the town, leave the country. They scream freedom of religion. They feel persecuted. Same as they do when someone says Happy Holidays and Starbucks changes their holiday cups. But they have no problem with telling others if they don’t share their religion they don’t belong and should leave the country. Freedom of religion applies to all religions, not just your religion or the religion of the majority. Keep praying – just not in a way that is school sponsored or makes others feel they are being forced to pray your way.

Robot Sex – I saw an article recently about a proposed robot brothel. People were not happy about it. Today I see that Houston has banned the proposed robot brothel. I am here in defense of robot sex. It seems in a world where sexual assault is “boys being boys” and we have a major human trafficking issue, we should embrace anything that will take some of these guys away from actual humans. I propose more sex robots. Get these men away from the human women they are abusing and get them in the robot brothels. It won’t fix the problems. We need to change out culture and the way we are raising our sons. We need leaders who care more about people than they do about power. We need a society that is as disgusted by a culture of abuse as they are by the thought of sex with a robot.

More TV – I will end with my less serious TV babble. I watched the two new CBS sitcoms, The Neighborhood and Happy Together. I have the same opinion on both – with a lesser cast I would write them off a bad shows destined for cancellation. With the casts, though, they have a chance to overcome a mediocre pilot and become decent shows. They just need to focus more on expanding the story past the general premise(white family moves in to a black neighborhood/famous pop star moves in with ordinary couple) and they might be OK. Also – a word on Lethal Weapon. Last season, it was revealed that the stars did not like each other, The show fired the guy who played Riggs. Now they guy who plays Murtaugh says he’s quitting. Seems like if he was a decent person he would have quit last season instead of pushing for the other guy to be fired. Why get him fired if you planned on leaving anyway? Dick move Damon Wayans, Sr.

Should I Write About It?

So, I’m sitting here again with an open laptop and a blank mind. There are some current event things recently that I could write about, but I’ve been hesitant. I make the mistake of reading comments on articles and Facebook posts and everyone is angry all the time – on both sides of the issues. I read Twitter and I see post after post of people saying why everyone else is wrong and there are no grey areas. You either agree with me on everything or you are the enemy. It’s tiring and depressing and makes me less likely to discuss anything of importance with anyone ever.

I could post my thoughts on Starbucks, but would that lead to people hating more than they already do because our views don’t match up? I could post about Roseanne and if ABC should have given her a show but, again, would that alienate more people? Is it easier to just keep quiet? That shouldn’t be the case. If everyone kept quiet there would be no possibility of change, but it is sometimes hard to speak up given this environment. I’m already tired, stressed and a little depressed about some things(college decisions, impending empty nest, travel, career stuff, etc). Do I really want to add to it with possibility of people yelling at me about political views? But, if I don’t write about current events what do I write? My life is way too boring to write about it on a consistent basis. I guess I will just have to get over it and deal with the negativity that comes from the posting of opinions.

A brief look at my views on the aforementioned topics:

Starbucks – Yes, someone being arrested for waiting for a friend at Starbucks is bad and people should be upset, but can you really blame all of Starbucks for the action of one manager? Especially when they are already moving forward with trainings to try to keep it from happening again?

Roseanne – I’ve watched three of the episodes. It’s OK, but not great. The first episode is the only one that mentions Trump, so the entire show is not a pro-Trump show. I don’t agree with the people who say ABC should not have given her a show. Her political views should not prevent her from working. You have the choice to not watch. You can’t make that choice for others.


Congress, The Bad Employee

Congress works for the American people. They are our employees. We have hired them to run our country. They are terrible employees. Here’s a little play to illustrate.

A company hires someone to run things. The company is America. The boss is us The employee is Congress.

Boss: Congratulations. Based upon your resume and the ideas we discussed in the interview, you’ve been selected to run the company.

Employee: Yeah, I lied in the interview. I’m not actually going to do any of that stuff. I just said it to get the job.

Boss:  OK. Here are our ideas for how to make the company better.

Employee. Nope. I’m smarter than you so I’m just going to run the company my way and ignore you.

Boss, at the annual review: You are really bad at your job, but I’m going to give you an extension because I know you and the unknown is scary. Please try to be better at your job.

Employee continues to ignore the boss and do a terrible job running the company.

Boss, next review: You are still terrible at your job, but I’m still not going to fire you.

Employee: I’m shutting the company down!

You wouldn’t keep an employee like this in a business. Why keep an employee like this in charge of the country? Let’s fire them and try to replace them with people who might actually care about what we think.

We Are Getting Dumber Every Day

I saw a headline today that YouTube was going to remove all videos of people eating Tide Pods because people are apparently still eating Tide Pods. I used to laugh about all of the stupid warning labels on products. I thought “Do we really need to tell people not to eat the silica gel packets?”  or “Do we really need to tell people not to iron their clothes while they are wearing them?” Apparently, the answer is yes. We now live in a world where people are eating detergent pods and YouTube is forced to remove videos because. despite all of the warnings, people are still eating Tide Pods. We are now a people who are too stupid to not eat detergent.

It shouldn’t surprise me. We are going on a year of the presidency of a Cheetos colored reality TV star becoming our president. His base believes his “Fake News!” claims and believe that everything negative about him is a “vast media conspiracy.” Our president just spent an evening handing out “fake news” awards. We are a stupid people. Another TV star recently spoke at an awards ceremony and people want to vote for her to become president. “I saw her on the TeeVee! Let’s make her president!” The ruler of the free world has become a reality TV show. More people would vote if they just did away with the election process and had a season long TV show where a potential candidate is eliminated each week based upon a vote on social media. We are all worshippers in the cult of personality. Public service and intelligence is no longer what we desire in a leader. We want tweets and a TV presence. Popularity and fame is all that matters. Our net president might be the person who ate the most Tide Pods.

Of course, I might be part of the problem. I write this blog in the hopes of getting people to read it. I would gladly accept a world where I got paid to post stupid stuff online. Maybe I should eat a Tide Pod…

Tater’s Late Weekly Wrap Up

This was sitting in my draft box. I added a new one and decided to post it. I will try to be better about getting these back to Friday with more takes on current events. I know y’all are very excited.


The Today Show – The Today Show announced on Tuesday that Hoda Kotb would be the full time replacement for Matt Lauer. I was surprised by the news. I thought for sure they would hire a man for the job. I was expecting Craig Melvin or Willie Geist.  I like both of them, but I think going with two women anchors is a good idea. I’m just not sure how I feel about Hoda Kotb. My only reference for her until recently is what I’ve seen of her with Kathie Lee on the 4th hour of Today and I was not a fan. I wonder if CBS will go that route as well or if they will hire another male anchor.

Logan Paul – I will admit that I know nothing about Logan Paul. I’ve never watched one of his videos and I’ve only watched and read what the news is saying about the latest video. I think it is in bad taste to go and film in a place known for suicides and extremely bad taste to film the body and post it.  I think YouTube should suspend his account for a period of time and rethink what they allow people to post. Do I think Paul should be banned forever? No, I don’t. We need to get out of this habit to want permanent repercussions for wrongdoings. There should be repercussions, but I don’t think a lifetime ban is warranted. EDIT: I wrote this before the other video from Japan surfaced. It prbably is better that he not post anymore.

I Have a Giant Mental Stable: I jokingly say that I am a genius all the time. If you feel the need to announce that when you aren’t joking, odds are you are not one. If you feel the need to announce that you are known for your mental stability, you might not be mentally stable. If you feel the need to announce that you are not a racist or a homophobe, odds are you are saying that in response to someone catching you being racist or homophobic. But I really do have the biggest mental stable in the history of mental stables. Just ask me.

Just Be Nice

This week a video of a boy in tears talking about being bullied went viral. Celebrities and athletes posted messages of support in response. For one brief moment there was a flood if niceness on the Internet. It was a brief moment, however, because we can’t have nice things. I took a look at Twitter today and saw that there is now controversy about the boy and his family.

There are photos of the family with Confederate flags with a message of intolerance towards those who don’t like the flag.

There was a Go Fund Me page that reached $56,000 before it was paused. The person who started it does not know the family and no decision has been made on what to do with the money.

People are angry that celebrities responded with kindness toward the kid because his family might be racists. People are asking them if they are sorry they offered support or invited him to movie premieres, etc. Out brief period of niceness was over.

My question – why can’t we just be nice?  Nothing changes what we saw in a video – A kid in tears because he is being bullied. Are we supposed to be OK with the bullying because we don’t like his family? Are we supposed to vet everyone before we have any sympathy toward them? Is it not possible that human kindness could counteract the negative views he might be exposed to?

Can’t we just live by the standard of “just be nice”?