I Used To Be Better With Deadlines

When I was in college I can remember telling someone I worked best under pressure. It was my excuse to procrastinate and then write a paper at the very last minute.

But, I was good at it.

I could sit down and knock out a decent paper in very little time. The shorter amount of time I had, the better I was at writing.

Now. I don’t have real deadlines but I have Thursday mornings when I have a 9 am appointment and want to write and be done before that. In the olden days, that would be a good thing. Today, it usually leads to writer’s block.

I can’t work under pressure anymore. Even a fake deadline freezes me. I guess I am out of practice.

It also doesn’t help that I am very bad at planning posts.

I keep saying I will get better at planning what to write so I don’t have these issues, but here I am again with nothing.

I miss the days when I could sit down and write 10 pages on a topic without missing a beat.


5 thoughts on “I Used To Be Better With Deadlines

  1. I think I used to be better at that too. But the more I’ve thought about it, I think I’m romanticizing the memory. I suspect I’ve forgotten the pain of staying up all night and trying to crank out the paper. I’d love to go back and read a few of those papers. How good were they? Ha, ha. Like EA, I try to set deadlines in my head and work ahead. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not, but at the very least, I usually have something down on paper that I can edit and tinker with when the time comes to publish that day! Good luck.

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