Only in Hollywood…

I did not watch the Oscars last night. I never watch awards shows. I found out about the Will Smith/Chris Rock think when my daughter texted me asking if I thought it was staged. I then watched the video she sent and the unedited version.

Because everyone needs my thoughts on something everyone is talking about:

  1. I don’t think it was staged. I am more certain of this after seeing the unedited video and Smith’s acceptance speech.
  2. Chris Rock showed two things: a lot of restraint to not go after Smith and the ability to take a licking and keep on ticking.
  3. It was weird that Smith went from laughing after the joke to choosing violence.
  4. I can’t think of any other place where someone could assault someone on stage and just sit down and go on with their night like nothing happened.
  5. And be allowed to go on stage and make a speech afterward.
  6. The Oscars say they don’t condone violence, but they did condone it by allowing him to stay to accept his award.
  7. Being rich and famous permits you to do things normals like me can’t.
  8. I don’t see why LAPD needed to make a statement. We all know they didn’t plan to arrest Will Smith and I don’t think they should.
  9. Unless Chris Rock filed a complaint which we all knew wouldn’t happen.
  10. I feel bad for all of the award winners who were overshadowed by someone overreacting to a stupid joke.
  11. And the joke was pretty stupid.
  12. Also, I’m pretty sure Will Smith was just auditioning to play Juwan Howard in a movie.

Now you have my thoughts about this as they popped in my head along with the dumb joke at the end that I think is hilarious.

Your day is complete.

You’re welcome.


9 thoughts on “Only in Hollywood…

  1. I agree – not Will’s finest moment. I guess all the stress got to him. He usually comes across as someone who is very measured. Obviously touched a nerve. He should have been escorted out after that showing. At any rate – he ruined the greatest achievement of his career.

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  2. I didn’t realize the Oscars was on! I was channel surfing and clicked on it just in time. I think the change in Will Smith’s reaction happened when he looked at his wife and saw she was upset. Also, didn’t you write about something like this with BB?

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  3. Yes, it was a stupid joke, but I don’t think it was malicious. I got the reference to GI Jane, which perhaps tasteless, wasn’t an attack. Will Smith’s behavior was out of proportion. The incident definitely cast a shadow on the rest of the show. I felt really bad for Questlove, who had to make his acceptance speech after that display. Jada also strikes me as a pretty humorless person, so I’m sure she wasn’t happy about a joke focused on her. Chris Rock is known for his unsubtle humor, so there’s also that. The Academy now needs to write a rule regarding aggressive behavior and the consequences, regardless of who you are. Oh, and you may be right about #12.

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  4. This news was the first I realised the Oscars were happening. Such a long way from the days when I worked for a film financing company and be glued to film news.

    I’ve nothing to add about the event itself – so much has already been said from pretty much every point of view. But I agree that it overshadowed the event. And Chris Rock still hasn’t apologised to Jada for that quip – which was unkind.

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