If Juwan Howard Worked in the Real World

For those of you reading who might not have seen it, the below video shows a fight at the end of the college basketball game between Michigan and Wisconsin. Howard was mad at the Wisconsin coach for calling a timeout late in the game when they were winning by double digits. As he walked past Gard he said “I’m going to remember this shit”

Howard was suspended for 5 games. Some people defended him saying he was justified because of the TO and the fact that Gard touched him. I joked on Facebook that I wanted a job where I could punch someone and not get fired.

So, I decided to look at how this incident would look if I pulled a Juwan Howard at the library.

It’s just about 5 pm. I’m packing up to go home. My idiot boss calls me at 1 minute to 5 to talk about something inane to show they control when I can go home(a regular occurrence at my job).

I walk past them as I’m leaving, mad that they made me late, and say “I’m gonna remember this shit”

They try to stop me by putting their hand on my arm to impede my progress.

I grab them by the shirt, put my finger in their face and yell at them.

We are separated by other staff members.

I’m still mad and maybe another staff member in the scrum says something I didn’t like.

I reach over the scrum and hit the other staff member.

When asked about it, I show no contrition. I say that I was mad about the call. The call was a dick move. And then someone put their hands on me. You don’t put your hands on me. It seems I think those things justify my actions.

What are the odds I keep my job and only get suspended?

Especially if there was an incident last year where I tried to fight someone while I was on the job?

How many times do you have to fight someone at work before you get fired?

Why are coaches held to lower standards than other people when they are at work?


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