Break the Rules

Rules have been on my mind this week.

It started with unwritten rules in the Juwan Howard incident.

It escalated with the worst part of Medium – the torrent of articles written by Medium “experts” telling us how we are doing everything wrong.

I made the mistake of clicking on Medium advice articles when first starting to get some idea of how things work. I didn’t know that this would tell the algorithm to keep showing those to me or that there are so many of them.

All of these articles tell you the “proper” way to write and sometimes read, on Medium. Do we really need so many people wrtiing about how people don’t know you can clap 50 times on each article? Why do you care so much if someone claps once?

If you don’t like how I write, just don’t read. I won’t lose any sleep over it.

If you look, you can find many “how to blog” posts on WordPress.

I break most of the “how to blog” rules.

I should be a failure according to all of these “experts”

Instead, I have over 1000 followers here. My views continue to increase significantly each year. I make enough on Medium to at least pay the $5 a month membership fee.

Most important? I still enjoy writing. I don’t get stressed out over the “rules” to the point that I don’t like blogging or writing on Medium. I only get stressed out when I can’t find the words.

Is there a point to all of this word vomit (another violation of the “rules”)?

Break the rules. If we all tried to be like everyone else we would have an internet full of boring, cookie-cutter blog posts. No one wants that.


7 thoughts on “Break the Rules

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Isn’t there a final rule to break the rules? I’m pretty sure there should be if there isn’t. I don’t need no stinking rules!

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  2. I’m also a keen photographer, and something I’ve learned about photographic rules is that they do work. But – every successful photographer admits that following them slavishly won’t automatically make you a great photographer, as you can’t make rules about a great sense of timing, having an eye for composition or what’ll make a compelling shot, or an individual style.

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