Another Year of Tater

It’s my birthday again. That seems to happen every year around this time.

My dog did not respect the fact that today is my birthday and woke me up way too early.

I am irrationally irritated that my wife got the normal free pastry birthday reward from Panera and I only got $2 off any order. Rude.

I’m also irrationally irritated that my stand-alone Starbucks is closed for remodeling so I can’t order my free birthday drink on the app. I have to go into a grocery store and order in person. Rude.

I’m hoping to have a nice relaxing rest of the day reading, napping, and watching TV. That usually does not happen.

The kids are coming home for dinner tonight. Even if the rest of the day doesn’t go the way I want at least I know dinner will be nice.

It is different having a birthday in a time when you rarely leave the house or see other people. It feels a lot more like every other day.

Thus endeth the discombobulated birthday ramblings of a tired old man.


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