Bloganuary 12: What Emojis Do You Like To Use?

If I wasn’t determined to do this every day I would have skipped this one. Why? My answer is – none of them. I don’t generally use emojis. I might throw out a thumbs up here and there. Maybe a smiley face on occasion. That’s pretty much it.

I will reply to messages with a GIF a lot. I’m sure that is annoying, but I enjoy it. Some of my favorites there:


9 thoughts on “Bloganuary 12: What Emojis Do You Like To Use?

  1. I’m not big on emojis either. I use the thumbs up and a heart on texting. That’s about it. My husband sends texts filled with emojis which I find funny. He’s not an emotional guy. Maybe the emojis are letting his inner self show.

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      1. It means I did my best to use as many ridiculous emoticons that I would most likely never use. There are a lot more but this was a sampling. Variations on the smiley face I get but showering, a log, a knife, Stonehenge, a threaded needle and toilet paper..completely unnecessary


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