Who’s the Asshole?

I recently read Drew Magary’s memoir of his life after his collapse and resulting brain damage. When I updated Goodreads to add that I was reading it someone I vaguely know via another author commented. She commented to say that Drew was an asshole when she met him and she would never read any of … More Who’s the Asshole?

Messaging is Important

I read a editorial in the Washington Post this morning from Dr. Leana Wen. where she laments the CDC being too timid in their guidelines for vaccinated people. She thinks that a timid version of guidelines for vaccinated people will encourage vaccine hesitancy. Why get the vaccine if they say you still shouldn’t travel, dine … More Messaging is Important

Who’s The Boss?

It’s another edition of Tater After Dark! Very exciting! The title of this one is misleading, but I couldn’t come up with anything better for the post topic. On a show I was watching recently someone asked for advice on how to get the trust of a group of people. The advice was to find … More Who’s The Boss?