Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/26/21

The Sunday edition of “What’s on Tonight” is always annoying to write. I use the Washington Post TV grid as a cheat sheet when I write these and they don’t publish one in the Sunday paper. I can use the guide on my TV, but it is not as easy as having one next to me as I write. Whining over. On to the post.


8pm – Celebrity Wheel of Fortune – I don’t watch the regular version. I have no interest in seeing celebrities play it.

9pm – Supermarket Sweep – Nope

10pm – The Rookie – The previews for this show back when it debuted made it look like it was going to be all dumb stuff about how hard it is for an old guy to try to be a cop. I’ve heard it is a decent show and the previews did it no favors.


7pm – 60 Minutes – I rarely watch this. Usually only if I am watching football and it is on after and I’m doing something else at the same time.

8pm – Big Brother – again? seriously?

9pm – The Tony Awards Present: Broadway’s Back – a celebration of the return of Broadway hosted by Leslie Odom, Jr. and featuring performances from Broadway shows.


8pm – Penn & Teller: Fool Us – a repeat

9pm – Wellington Paranormal – a new one followed by a repeat.


8pm – The Simpsons – Season 33. Crazy. I haven’t watched in years.

8:30pm – The Great North – I don’t watch any of the animated shows

9pm – Bob’s Burgers

9:30pm – Family Guy – a friend of mine from high school used to write for this show.


8pm – Sunday Night Football – Green Bay at San Francisco. I will probably watch some of the game

Various Non-Streaming Options

The final season of The Walking Dead continues at 9 on AMC.

Halloween Wars at 9 on Food Network followed by Worst Cooks in America at 10.


5 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 9/26/21

  1. Following tradition, Sunday night offers me nothing. Hahahahaha. I finally watched Ordinary Joe last night with my sister. I’m not sure I will watch another episode if it’s going to be the same format of showing a few minutes of each timeline. I finally figured out how to tell which timeline I was in by how Joe looks, but that’s only good as long as he has that bandage on his forehead. Rosie and Jerry (who had watched it on his own) seem interested in watching more.

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