What’s Good in Tater Town 9/12/21

It was another rather uneventful week. It makes it hard to recall what should be on my list of good. I’ve said this before, but I really need to start jotting down good things when they happen. Or blog ideas. Or ideas in general. Let’s see what I can recall.

  1. I managed to make it through the three-day weekend without someone wanting me to take on a major house project.
  2. My kids have made it through two weeks of in-person college with no issues.
  3. A trip to the library resulted in some new books to read and seeing friends.
  4. Very nice weather to end the week.
  5. Time outside reading and walking. Not at the same time.
  6. NFL football on TV Thursday night.
  7. WKU football on TV Saturday afternoon.
  8. UK football on TV Saturday night.
  9. UK held in and won despite some mistakes.

That’s all I can recall for this week. Hope you had a good one.


7 thoughts on “What’s Good in Tater Town 9/12/21

  1. Sounds boring Tater. Never ever let your wife watch the home improvment channel, it’s like crack for housewives and your life will be full of projects. Good to see the kiddo’s back in real school, and as usual, the Cowboys lost.

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