Embracing the Pre-Dawn Hours

I’ve written here before about how my dog had started waking me up very early in the morning to go out. When this first started I would go back to bed and try to go back to sleep. That was complicated by the dog following back upstairs and jumping up in the bed to sleep with me. She woild then wake up an hour later and scaratch at me until I got up again. It didn’t make for a good second sleep session.

Eventually, I decided on a couple of days to just give up and start my day. I would let the dog out and start my coffee. I would do my regualr morning things like reading the paper and checking the blog, Twitter, and Facebook. After finishing the paper, I had time to watch recorded TV shows. I discovered on the days I tried to go back to sleep that I missed the extra time. I started to just start my day whenever the dog woke me up. Once I finished the TV shows I had recorded, I started looking for movies. If I couldn’t find a movie, I would read my book.

Things I’ve discovered I like about these hours:

My anxiety is lower.

My stress about being “productive” is non-existent.

The feelings of loneliness are not there.

It’s quiet.

That all makes sense. It’s 5AM. No one else in the house is awake(pre-dawn has a double meaning since my wife’s name is Dawn) No one would expect me to get to work at that time of the morning, I would want to be quiet so I wouldn’t consider doing any sort of work around the house. I’m alone because the world is asleep. If I did the same things at 2pm that I do at 4am I would be anxious and guilty about “productivity’ and might feel the loneliness of my solitary days.

Today was one of the days I went back to sleep and I feel like I missed my golden hour.


5 thoughts on “Embracing the Pre-Dawn Hours

  1. I would love to have early morning hours, but I’m on the West Coast and my husband works on East Coast time. To have alone time, I’d be getting up at 2 or 3 a.m. I think your early mornings sound wonderful. Enjoy!

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