Remembering 9/11 – 20 years Later

Four years ago I wrote about where I was on 9/11. I can’t believe it has been 20 years already. The main thing I remember from the day was the stress and worry about my wife being in DC. I knew there were rumors of other planes possibly targeting DC. I knew my wife was not in a building that would be targeted, but I was still extremely worried. I was also worried about other attacks outside of the planes. That then transitioned to stress about how she would get home. She had taken the train down and that was not an option home. Eventually, she got a ride out of town with a coworker and I was able to meet them to get her home. Fortunately, my kid’s babysitter was a friend who kept them until I was able to get her home.

The link has more mundane details of my day that day.

Today is the anniversary of a terrible day in American history. It is a day that no one will ever and should never forget. Lives were lost. Lives and families were changed forever. Here is my memory from that day. It was a day that I would have normally been at the public library, but…
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6 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11 – 20 years Later

  1. I was taken by surprise realizing that it’s been 20 years. That day is vivid for me, as for almost everyone who wasn’t living under a rock. A client spent hours getting from DC to me in Arlington, after I told him I wouldn’t be driving into the city for our scheduled meeting. Jane was in lockdown at school. After going to the Post Office, getting out of my car, smelling that scent of an electrical fire (the Pentagon was only a few-minute drive away), and learning what had happened, I spent the morning watching the towers fall and talking to my client periodically. The eeriness of no air traffic, no ground traffic, no noise in this usually bustling city just compounded things. Later, the nightly flyovers of air patrols broke the silence periodically. My brother-in-law was in Vegas at a convention that was cancelled, and he spent a few days finding a way to get himself and his staff back home by charter bus. A number of years later, my father made this date memorable again by dying. I’m not a fan of 9/11.

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  2. We are in Tampa where the command center at MacDill base is located. Very important to the military. Lots of top people. I remember there were people all over downtown Tampa on the roofs checking out buildings. I remember going into a grocery story with my husband to stock up on water and supplies. There was a man watching what we were doing and people were running around frenzied as we did not know what to expect. He looked frozen in time. He might have noticed my husband’s military (Central Intelligence) Head and his division and he was just watching to get an idea of what was going to happen. Let us have long memories in times of change and be observant of our surroundings. Have a good day!

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