Party Day

I think today is the day my departure from work will start to feel real. Today is the day of my Zoom farewell party. Today is the day people from across the system will show they like me just enough to log into a Zoom call to say goodbye. I did receive four nice messages via email and Facebook yesterday from former coworkers wishing me well. I found a gift from my current coworkers in my email this morning. It is everyone loves Tater week.

I feel like I could relax and enjoy it more if I worked in a normal place in normal times. Generally by the time you get to Tuesday of your last week you are mainly saying goodbyes and wrapping up a few final things. In my reality, I’m still getting phone calls about decisions on things that will happen after I’m gone. I’m still getting phone calls where someone is telling me when they think they will be out next week. I’m still being asked to work on the schedule for next week. At least on that last one they acknowledged that at this point they can’t really make me do anything. I’m not saying I don’t think I should do work. I just wish I was on site doing work that is immediate and not still doing work that should have been passed on to others by now. I have two meetings this week to discuss who is going to do my job starting next week. I gave them a month’s notice. How are they just now accepting that I am gone?

I had my exit interview Friday afternoon where I was honest about my work experience with certain people. If things go as usual, certain people will probably be told what I said before I am gone and my last week will be even worse. I hope that won’t happen but the past tells me that the odds are good that HR will tell the person about the complaints and make things even more awkward and stressful.

It’s only a week. Five more days and then I am done. No matter how bad it might get I can get through it.

4 thoughts on “Party Day

  1. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how petty that person is and how bad they try to make your last days there. You’re gone at the end of the week. That person has to stay and be a miserable person. Because they must be miserable to create such an unpleasant environment.

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