In Defense of Rest

I knew it was coming. I knew online school would lead to the end of the snow day. New York schools have no announced that there will be no snow days. Snow days will now be remote learning days. I assume other school systems will do the same. I’ve written multiple times about snow days … More In Defense of Rest

Party Day

I think today is the day my departure from work will start to feel real. Today is the day of my Zoom farewell party. Today is the day people from across the system will show they like me just enough to log into a Zoom call to say goodbye. I did receive four nice messages … More Party Day

Today Annoys Me

I’ve written before about how used to love the Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day holidays because they were the times I was off work and the kids had school. It was nice to have a day off to do what I wanted and not what they wanted. Even so, when my work decided to change … More Today Annoys Me

Mixed Feelings

This was my first day this week that was fully work from home. I went back to work 4 hours a day on Thursday. This week more staff started to come back to work. The good: It was nice to see people face to face again. It was good to get out of the house. … More Mixed Feelings

Clock Watching

One thing hasn’t changed with working from home for almost three months – watching the clock. I wake up early every day. My clock watching starts then. Dreading the time when I have to clock into work and turn my home into my office. I then watch the clock for the morning right at 9am … More Clock Watching