My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 8/28/20

My first week of TV and movies that is not dependent on what my daughter wants to watch. I most squandered it and spent a lot of time distracted by my iPad instead.

Movies – I didn’t really watch a movie this week. I did watch the part of Little Women that I missed because I fell asleep. I liked it, but it loses something when you watch it in bits and pieces. My daughter loved it. HDNET has been showing Elvis movies in the morning, so I had Paradise, Hawaiian Style on in the background while I worked from home on Wednesday. I do love my Elvis movies. I need to see if Blue Hawaii is on again soon. That’s about it for movies this week.

TV – We started watching the shows we have had recorded since March. We finished Agents of SHIELD. I thought the final season was very good and that it was a good end for the story. The show got much better when it detached itself from the movies. I do hope they find a way to get Coulson back in a movie at some point. We have been watching Tough as Nails. It is a reality show hosted by Phil Keoghan, best known as the host of Amazing Race. It is a competition show where blue collar workers compete in team and individual challenges for cash. The challenges are all blue collar type jobs. I didn’t think I would like it, but I am invested now. We have watched some SWAT and Seal Team as well. I still need to find a show to watch alone.

Books – I read one book this week. It was The Third Twin by CJ Omololu. I found it on our shelves at home. I think someone gave it to my daughter. The plot – adopted twins Lexi and Ava used to make up a “third twin” named Alicia to blame for the things they did wrong. Now in high school, they sometimes go out as Alicia to date boys they wouldn’t normally date. When one of them is killed and other odd things start to happen Lexi is left with two possible scenarios – Ava is a killer or Alicia is somehow real. I figured out part of the mystery about halfway through, but was wrong about who was killing people. I always enjoy when I am surprised by the identity of the killer. It was one of the few books recently that made me want to keep reading.

On Deck – I still have The Invisible Man on DVD. I should watch that this weekend. The Way Back is on HBO tomorrow night. I might watch that. A British medical show, Transplant, premieres on NBC next week. I like medical shows so I will try it. Lucifer and Cobra Kai are both on Netflix now. I still need to find a show to watch alone. I’m reading Masked Prey by John Sanford.

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2 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 8/28/20

  1. I watched Lucifer and am annoyed that I have to wait for more again. I enjoyed it and want some resolution on things. Dang. I also watched Cursed on Netflix and really enjoyed that. I was sorry to see it end and am now going to look for the book by Frank Miller, if it is a book.

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