My Unpopular Opinions

A reblog of my unpopular opinions. It seems the only one that is actually unpopular is the Elvis vs the Beatles one.

The World's Common Tater

A friend posted his 10 non-political unpopular opinions on Facebook recently and then I saw someone else ask the question on Twitter. I’m not sure I can think of 10, but I decided to post some of mine.

  1. Elvis over the Beatles – It is probably because I grew up in an Elvis house and didn’t really know the Beatles’ music until late teens, but I’ve always liked Elvis more than I like the Beatles. If I had to make the choice to never listen to one of them again I would choose to keep Elvis. I do like the Beatles. I just like Elvis more.
  2. Pineapple on Pizza – My friend had this in his list as well. I also didn’t realize it is as controversial as it is. I love pineapple on pizza. It is one of my favorite toppings. Ham and pineapple, bacon and pineapple, chicken and…

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  1. I just posted an unpopular opinion on a subreddit for womens’ fitness. Apparently, if I don’t lift, I’m not doing fitness right. But I don’t give a crap about lifting..I really truly don’t. Unless it involves lifting the remote from the side table so I can change the channel on my TV, I’m not interested.

    Getting in shape doesn’t have to mean lifting weights. It CAN mean that, but it doesn’t mean that for me. I don’t want rock hard abs or a butt so high and tight I can balance a tray on it. That just DOES NOT appeal to me.

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