People Say The Dumbest Things


Yesterday someone actually said this sentence to me:

“It’s probably better that your parents died young since they are in a better place now”

Who could possibly think that is an appropriate thing to say? Who could possibly think a person would be happy that their dad died when they were in high school and theor mom died just a few years ago? How does someone not only let those words come out of their mouth, but also not regret it and apologize once they’ve realized how terrible it was? I’m pretty sure they don’t even think it was a bad thing to say.  How to I now deal with this person on a daily basis?

Other recent dumb things I’ve been told:

“It must be nice to have had easy kids to raise and to never have to worry about anything”

Related, just months after my mom had died: “It must be nice to have a nice, easy life with no problems”

Those two courtesy of the fact that I don’t talk about my personal life a lot. Therefore, it must be easy and problem-free because otherwise wouldn’t I talk about it all the time?

“Everyone goes to therapy these days. It used to be people would just suck it up and deal with it.”

Actually saying out loud to me that you feel discriminated against for being asked to give money for a gift for “that type of wedding”. Just quietly decline to contribute and leave your bias to yourself.

I’m sure there are others and I might add them as they come to me.

Other, non-me related things:

Apparently, some people have not received the news that it is bad form to ask someone if they are pregnant when there is a chance that they are not, in fact, pregnant.

A Catholic school in Nashville banned Harry Potter books because they “risk conjuring evil spirits” if read aloud,

I could do a multi-page post of stupid things politicians say.

Have people always not thought before they speak or is this something new?



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  1. How can people say such things???
    Whose life is without problems after their parents’ death???
    They have lost their self respect while speaking…
    And who tells people to poke in others personal life???
    Why don’t they regret even after speaking???
    Why do this types of people even exists??
    It happened with me too a few times….


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