Dumb Complaints from Area People

I moved near a racetrack and I’m annoyed that there are racetrack sounds. Someone should do something about this. It’s ridiculous that this place that has existed for 50 years isn’t being forced to close down because I’m too stupid to realize a racetrack makes racetrack sounds.

Same as above for airports.

Same as above for train tracks.

I’m too stupid to use a roundabout with more than one lane, so please reduce all the roundabouts to one lane so there aren’t accidents. Who cares that people use these all over the world. They are just too confusing and we shouldn’t be expected to drive like this.

The entrance to the new gas station is a problem because there are too many accidents. They need to limit access because people can’t figure out how to turn in and out from various locations.

The entrance to the shopping center is terrible. They need to fix it because there are too many traffic problem there. Who cares that shopping centers around the country have the same type entrance. We can’t figure out how to use them here.

I left my car unlocked with valuable stuff inside and someone opened the door and took my stuff.(I know the thief is the bad guy here, but seriously, lock your doors)

Why did you have a fireworks show on the Saturday before the 4th of July instead of on the 4th of July? We should only have fireworks on the 4th of July!

My neighbor doesn’t bring their trash cans in fast enough for me. I’m going to publicly shame them on Next Door because that is so much better than checking to see if they might need help with the task.

I try to stay away from neighborhood posts, but I keep Next Door to stay aware of what is happening and sometimes I get sucked in. Some of these are old complaints from the email list. People just want to find a reason to be unhappy.

3 thoughts on “Dumb Complaints from Area People

  1. All I can say is it’s a good thing you’re not living next to us; my husband always says he’s going to bring the trash can in and then forgets. For more than a day. Sometimes I bring it in, but sometimes I’m just too mad, after all it’s his job. Then finally I say Leo could you get the trash can and he turns around and says to our son, “Andrew stop playing that video game and get that trash can in!”

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