Dumb Complaints from Area People

I moved near a racetrack and I’m annoyed that there are racetrack sounds. Someone should do something about this. It’s ridiculous that this place that has existed for 50 years isn’t being forced to close down because I’m too stupid to realize a racetrack makes racetrack sounds.

Same as above for airports.

Same as above for train tracks.

I’m too stupid to use a roundabout with more than one lane, so please reduce all the roundabouts to one lane so there aren’t accidents. Who cares that people use these all over the world. They are just too confusing and we shouldn’t be expected to drive like this.

The entrance to the new gas station is a problem because there are too many accidents. They need to limit access because people can’t figure out how to turn in and out from various locations.

The entrance to the shopping center is terrible. They need to fix it because there are too many traffic problem there. Who cares that shopping centers around the country have the same type entrance. We can’t figure out how to use them here.

I left my car unlocked with valuable stuff inside and someone opened the door and took my stuff.(I know the thief is the bad guy here, but seriously, lock your doors)

Why did you have a fireworks show on the Saturday before the 4th of July instead of on the 4th of July? We should only have fireworks on the 4th of July!

My neighbor doesn’t bring their trash cans in fast enough for me. I’m going to publicly shame them on Next Door because that is so much better than checking to see if they might need help with the task.

I try to stay away from neighborhood posts, but I keep Next Door to stay aware of what is happening and sometimes I get sucked in. Some of these are old complaints from the email list. People just want to find a reason to be unhappy.

Tater’s Friday Lunch Break Ramblings

So, it’s been a week since my last post. I guess that means it’s time for me to spend a few minutes rambling about random stuff.

  1. Politics: Ben Carson suspended his presidential campaign, meaning he can finally get more nap time without people interrupting him with questions. Donald Trump is still so bad that he makes Ted Cruz look good in comparison and that’s not easy. John Kasich is still the only grown up on the stage, so no one pays any attention to him. At this point the Democrats could run Dukakis and win.
  2. High School Musical: No, not the Disney movie and the new of a 4th movie, but actual high school musicals. I took my daughter to see some of her friends in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat last night. When she first said she wanted me to stay and watch the show I was kind of disappointed I couldn’t just dump her there and go home to watch TV. I’m glad I didn’t. It was a very good show. They always do a good job. I just forget that every time until I go. There are some very talented kids at AHS.
  3. Stupid Drivers: I thought it was impossible, but I think the drivers in the area are getting worse. This morning I was almost killed by someone who didn’t even slow down at a red light. I’m sure they were looking at their phone. There is nothing on that phone that is more important than not killing your fellow drivers. No one is important enough to have to read their texts/facebook/email while driving. Put the phone down and drive. The message will be there when you arrive and no one will die(unless you are a doctor ignoring urgent messages about a patient).
  4. Stupid Questions: It was proven definitively this week that there is such a thing as a stupid question. I’m not sure why anyone ever thought the opposite was true. Wherever you find stupid people, there is a chance that you will hear stupid statements, questions, etc. and you can find stupid people everywhere. I found a couple on the FOX News debate stage last night.
  5. Lunch Break Being Over: What do you mean lunch break is over? I wasted the whole thing trying to think of things to complain about. I never had a chance to read my book. It’s not fair! I demand to be paid to do whatever I want! Actually, I’m going to go work. Darn work ethic.